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This style was deleted by the site admin. The reason given was Deleted by admin - invalid code. Instead, try:

Flickr WideScreen - Dark & Grey v.37
or other Flickr themes.

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I'm only playing around with css for fun, and this theme is open to anyone to take the idea and make it better. Anyone who can correct this code, please do it, that's the main reason I up-load this one.

It is base on;
Flickr - on a dark background

with some codes and the back-ground of this one;
Facebook - Dark Shiny Purple
(which was that look I was aiming at, but could not do the transparency)

Please don't rate, rate the authors from the themes this code was based on. There's are lots of themes and apps I would like to rate but whenever I try to I end up on a forum where there is no way to rate AT ALL. Can someone put the rating-rig where the work is? Not half a mile down the road!

Ok, whats above will be erase soon. This has been a complete remake so I can't call this an update.


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(Though installing Stylish is recommended, if your browser supports user scripts, you can also install this style as a user script.)

Flickr - Dark with Purple Background
Author Ghis1964
License CC BY-NC
Created Dec 20, 2009
Updated Mar 4, 2010
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Installs (total) 1,099
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