- GameFAQs v11 - Dark Aqua (Previously Dark Blue)

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A dark themed GameFAQs CSS with a aqua as the main color. Inspired by Charizard's old dark css.

The changes from the old version are pretty simple.
- There is a different logo
- New topic searchbox
- New textboxes
- Fewer images
- Various minor visual changes

***December 2009 Update***
Added a new glossy quicknav and update the stylesheet to be compatible with the new FAQ formats.

Tell me if you find any errors and I'll try to fix them.

To use this style, install Firefox and Stylish. If you already have Stylish, make sure this site is allowed to run JavaScript.

GameFAQs v11 - Dark Aqua (Previously Dark Blue)
Author zxcvb55
License © zxcvb55.
Created Apr 29, 2009
Updated Dec 20, 2009
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