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Stylish Manager: input box background color & font
Author mod_wastrel
License CC0
Created Apr 4, 2009
Updated Apr 4, 2009
Installs (this week) 0
Installs (total) 248
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For version 0.5.x of Stylish.

Not being a fan of the usual stark white background color of most input boxes, I wrote this style to set the background color of the Stylish windows' input boxes (as well as the search box and the URL bar--though not in this style) to match my Firefox theme's highlight color (light orange). I also set the font to Verdana (a little wider, a little better readability).

PanzerIV: read the title (and description) of this style again (or, for the first time?)... it's *ONLY* for the input boxes of the Stylish manager windows (as shown in the screenshot)... not for every input box in Firefox and not for *any* input box on a website page. (By the way, thanks for confirming that the style does not do something that it is, in fact, not supposed to.) 13Sep2009: This style affects only Stylish 0.5.9 window elements, per:

>>>===>>> @-moz-document url-prefix(chrome://stylish/content/)

so, no possible conflict with other styles affecting non-Stylish elements. (:D)



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