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first let me mention i know diddly squat about css but this is still a quality style, basically what i did was mix together the hard work of other people and changed one image to make this style.

the style sheets i jammed together are:

Google - songbird rubberducky (though i changed the background image)
Google in Segoe UI
Google Logo Remover

a note about the image this code references for the background:
it is a tiled image but it's still big, not too big, but i'd prefer to have a smaller image for a tile but that's not easy to do for a natural looking wood grain. also i really don't remember where it's hosted or anything, but it should stay up. if you want to change it you could always just search for .jpg until you find one that might be it.

sorry if this offends any of the authors. I claim no credit for any of the hard work. It's a nice minimalistic, dark but not too dark, google with a much better font. I think that if you don't already have Segoe UI it defaults

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clean darkwood google 3-15-2009
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Created Mar 6, 2009
Updated Mar 16, 2009
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