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YouTube - Dark Shiny Purple, transparency
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YouTube - Dark shiny blue, transparency

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YouTube - Dark Shiny Blue, transparency
Author DaedalusIcarusHelios
License CC BY-SA
Created Mar 3, 2009
Updated Jun 29, 2011
Installs (this week) 5
Installs (total) 426,336
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6/29/11 - Long overdue maintenance fixes to fix broken things on front page and on video page
5/14/10 - Fixed a few misc. things and tweaked some stuff
3/12/10 - Fixed top bar for original YouTube site
3/8/10 - Added a box around search box and nav buttons
3/5/10 - Fixed a bunch of things for the new YouTube design; set #baseDiv not to have a shadow (for better performance)
3/1/10 - Fixed front page headers, search suggestion box, misc. text, new find your friends box
1/22/10 - Some initial fixes to the new YouTube design coming, such as here:
1/20/10 - Changed buttons, several tweaks and fixes
1/13/10 - Fixed a few things that showed up with white backgrounds
9/29/09 - Fixed embed options dialog, misc. tweaks, changed to rgba from using transparent PNG images
9/11/09 - Fixed some things when viewing playlists, etc.
8/16/09- More tweaks, fixes
8/16/09 - Changed hover color and text shadow effect, added box shadows, themed a bunch of things that weren't
7/6/09 - Added drop shadows, minor tweaks
4/22/09 - Fixed video description color
4/15/09 - Themed a notice bar at the top that wasn't themed.
3/27/09 - Fixed share buttons
3/15/09 - Replaced a few minor images
3/11/09 - Fixed things when viewing your Favorites, few other things
3/10/09 - Fixed a comment header for replies to comments
3/6/09 - Major update; fixed a bunch of stuff, and themed everything I could find
3/5/09 - Made tweaks that darkened some areas slightly
3/4/09 - Made tweaks when logged out, signup/login screen, inbox area
3/3/09 - released; replaced logo



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