- GLOBAL Dark Style: Wombat Style (Firefox/Mozilla)

My fork of "Global dark style - changes everything to DARK" that tweaks things a bit more the way I like them for usability. This is not a dark solarized or zenburn or or or, though I draw from all of those a bit.

I have also begun to ad an anti-anti-ad blocker bit, though I will probably spin that off into another style.

The wombat thing is just because I like wombats.

Sorry, currently styled for Firefox/Iceweasel only.

Updated as I find and fix things. Please note that I use a separate dark style for Google services (including YouTube), Facebook, and my own darker UI for Remember the Milk. Those change too frequently for me to keep them as part of this style.

To use this style, install Firefox and Stylish. If you already have Stylish, make sure this site is allowed to run JavaScript.

GLOBAL Dark Style: Wombat Style (Firefox/Mozilla)
Author Steven Saus
License CC BY-SA
Created Jul 10, 2016
Updated Dec 28, 2016
Installs (this week) 23
Installs (total) 647
Average rating Good
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2016-12-28 - Tumblr, OwnCloud, CitiBank, OKC
2016-12-04 - Twitter, Tumblr, Wikia, W3 Schools, Amazon, Goodreads. Also disabled (commented out) all transition effects and returned images to full vibrancy. I noticed the dimmed images just made it look like my eyes were failing, which kinda defeated the purpose of having the dark screens.
2016-11-26 - More Pintrest
2016-11-24 - Tumblr
2016-11-22 - Twitter, Pintrest,
2016-10-25 -, Google Contacts (?!), Mailchimp, Kickstarter.
2016-09-29 - Nook press
2016-09-23 - Some blogger styles
2016-08-29 - Google dev area, Imgur uploading, Cousin Vinnie's Pizza, Bowker
2016-08-21 - watch2gether popup, a little bit of code cleaning
2016-08-18 - Google seller protection popup
2016-08-14 - Removed background div on wikia, new channel background
2016-08-13 - Added tweak for several banks, made color scheme a little more coherent and explicit, removed underline on header tags
2016-07-30 - Added tweak for Dominos, and weird details in google play and patreon
2016-07-29 - added tweak for MyFitnessPal
2016-07-19 - added tweak for Dropbox popups
2016-07-18 - added tweak for buffer bookmarklet, popups on



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