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Applies my fixes to meebo.
1. Sets the background to a nice flat dark gray, since Meebo sometimes goofs on setting the theme (I HATE light blue).
2. Sets all sent/received messages to a monospace font (I used consolas for now, sorry), at 8pt, including history if shown.
3. Sets the message input area to a monospace font at 9pt.
4. Sets names in the buddy list to a monospace font at 9pt.
5. Gets rid of the extra content in the background, the TaskBar at the bottom, the "ice breakers" in IM windows, the "ConsoleExtensionContainer", and the advertising background.
6. Sets the buddy icon to an alpha level, and prevents text from wrapping around it (borrowed from another style on this site).

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Meebo Fixes
Author functionreturnfunction
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Created Oct 17, 2008
Updated Apr 21, 2009
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