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Hover over a userstyle link on this site - the link will fade-in to a color based on its rating! __________________ | green = good | yellow = OK | gray = no rating | red = bad '------------------ If you want the colors to show up all the time, instead of mousing over them, delete all instances of ":hover" in the code (like I did when I made the screenshot). To adjust the fade-in / fade-out timing, modify the number with an "s" after it: .5s = one-half of a second. Change the "ease-out .5s;" number to set the fade-out length. (It triggers when you're NOT hovering over it, i.e. when you move the cursor away.) Try "ease-out 2s;" and the links will take 2 full seconds to fade out. Tested on, and written for, Google Chrome and Firefox*. Probably works on Safari. *colors WILL work on Firefox 3.6 and earlier versions, but the CSS transitions won't. UPDATE: The style lists should now have less spacing in between them; the non-style links are excluded from the colorin

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Wikipedia - My Way

I like using border-radius. I really do. :D Headings and small links have a different typeface with this style. See screenshots for better comparison.

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Windows 7 Explorer menubar

Light blue menu bar. Works regardless of theme. I didn't make this all on my own; several other userstyles were my inspiration for making this. Windows 7 Explorer_Bookmarks_Bar (Image Fix) by FoxtailErick - I basically moved the Personal Toolbar style to the menubar. Windows 7 theme for Firefox. by Niku - Used toolbar background image.

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Xclear Addon - Strata theme icon

The Xclear extension ( installs a "clear" button to the end of the awesomebar/urlbar, findbar, and the search field. It was created for Linux users who "don't want their clipboards to be erased when marking the text in the field to delete it." (author's words, not mine) This userstyle was written so that nobody is required to modify their userChrome.css file. One click from the Stylish menu, and you're good to go. It also makes the icon hidden until hovered over, so that it's only visible when you are about to click on it. ------------ All credit goes to the author of the add-on, Peter Leugner ( for the extension, and his userChrome.css modifications from the add-on page. (Seriously, go look at the add-on page - his code is right there when you hit the Page Down key.)

Updated: Apr 26, 2010 Installs This Week: 2 Average Rating: N/A