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MSDN Midnight

MSDN has just recently revamped its entire website. At first glance it looks pretty plain. But there is one key use for this almost-plain website style ---- userstyles!! Yes, I think the re-styling of websites has finally hit the minds of the website developers. MSDN's new site is VERY stylish-friendly... almost everything seems to be done with CSS and is very easy to change. This first "test" submission I slapped together is midnight blue, as with all my themes its easier on the eyes.

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Cleaner MSDN (compact header, better reading)

This script removes unnecessary components from the MSDN articles top header and enhances text fonts and format Updated: September 19, 2008 The script changes: - Header has a compact search bar and nothing else ;) - Table of content items have very narrow margin between levels - Article text font size is larger, justified and has greater line height - Code text font size is larger and uses Consolas font Tested on 1024x786 resolution See the difference:

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使用微软雅黑字体显示中文MSDN内容,代码字体使用Consolas。 日文MSDN内容用Meiryo字体。

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Smart MSDN Library

More readable styles for MSDN Library (tested Mac OS X only) #Based on Cleaner MSDN Library.

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MSDN (Microsoft Developer Network) - Hover Color

Hyperlink Hover Styling for (Microsoft Developer Network). This style improves page navigation and element focus. Features: - Orange href hover highlight text (customizable) Changelog: - Initial Release

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MSDN without popup translations

Removes ugly "Propose better translation" ("Предложите более удачный вариант перевода") popup from MSDN pages.

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MSDN low-bandwidth cleanup for printing

After switching to the low-bandwidth version of MSDN, printing the thing has these afwul black bands at the side, and the space reserved on the left hand side for the context and menu is wasted on every single page. This style removes that, so that printing an article only prints the useful stuff.

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MSDN blogs

Bigger and cleaner layout for MSDN Blogs

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MSDN My Way: A couple of changes

The new MSDN Library looks a lot better than the previous one. I just felt urged to tweak some things even more. You may disagree with my changes, and if so, comment this style. Purpose is to make t more readable and make sections more clear. Changes: 16. mars 2007: * Added a couple !important -statements to make sure it overrides styles correctly.

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