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Krassgames - no need to move mouse at job clicking

When doing jobs and finding stuff the mouse pointer usually has to be moved down to do next job. This script makes the job link stay in the same position. Enjoy!

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chrome - bring back a href mouse over message

on windows xp in chrome (for e.g. Version : 33.0.1750.154 m - Date : 2014-04-06 22-30-20) the a[href] message on the bottom isnt shown. so i wrote this style to simulate this behavior. while i use only css for this emulation it shows the whole attribute content (href="") so it is normaly relative ( "/index.html" ) and not absolute ( "" ). test-href ← move your mouse cursor over this link to test it ( href="https://your-domain-name.tld/directory/file.php?key=value#hash" ). based on the google chrome browser style Version 17.0.963.56 - (Feb 2012)

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(No screenshot available) - Color Background

Color Background to except the homepage. See also my Enlarge Text.

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(No screenshot available) Enlarge Text Enlarge Text. See also my - Color Background.

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Drifus - Firefox project - aero clean

I made some customizations to Firefox, aiming for a clean, slim and functional aero look. Target: Windows 7 with glass enabled. Tested with Firefox 14. ### FEATURES ### - Clean and slim; - Borderless; - Translucent, without losing usability; - Transparent Firefox button visible only on mouse hover. In maximized mode and tabs on tittle bar, only a few pixels - mouse hover on the very top left side near first tab to access the menu; - Support for double clicking tabbar open new tab; - Top space for aero snaps when in maximized mode and tabs on title; - Auto-hide add-on Bar; - Find Bar customized according to add-on Bar; - Translucent sidebar; - Great integration with clean customized aero themes like Shine 2.0. Do not look so good on the desktop too white or completely black. Below you can customize some features:

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Resize Images to Maximum Size when Mouse Hovers

Hover your mouse over an image, and it will display in its full size. This only works for images that have been resized in code (example: The preview images of Styles on UserStyles) ** Thanks goes to arteekay (rtk) for the Image Resize idea, which is used in the - tweaked. I made the code work on Width and Height as well, not just Max-width and Max-Height!! Try it out! Once you install the Style, head over to the page: Custom Toolbar Firefox Background Image (WOW!) and give it a try... Cool hey? Functions: - When you hover your mouse over an image that has been resized, it will display normally. Applies to: - Any image that has been resized by code - max-width, preventing a full-width image - max-height, preventing a full-height image + Just hover your mouse cursor over the image, and it will appear in it's original state (100% size, as if you were to save it to your disk.) Browser Versions: - Works on Firefox 2 - Works on Firefox 3 Additional Information: + This style works PERFECTLY on Userstyles.

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fmo: Large CODE-tag Boxes and Images Forum Fix

For Firefox 3.6+ and up to the latest Firefox Beta, Aurora, Nightly builds. I occasionally run into posts or quotes with too-large CODE-tags Boxes or overly large Images, Pics, or Screenshots at which blow the margin out, giving that the horizontal scroll bar makes reading posts on the page way more of a hassle. This style prevents CODE-Tag Boxes and overly large Images, Pics, or Screenshots from breaking the forum by resizing them to a "max-width"(adjust to your own preference). To view an Image Original Size, mouse left "Click and Hold" over Image or left click mouse over an "Linked Image with blue border". This style can be easily modified for other forums. Tested on Firefox 3.6+ and up to the latest Firefox Beta, Aurora, Nightly builds. Credit for code goes to: Users Philip Chee, RNiK, Frank Lion: fmo: hot-linked img max size

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Adaptation for the LAST FLICKR's INTERFACE (May 2013): ▶ FIXED and HIDDEN: Transformed in a SINGLE TOP LINE (one pixel height), on the TOP LEFT CORNER. Only on the first 1/4 of the window's width , to not open it always when you h0ver the top. ▶ VISIBLE on HOVER when you mouse hover on: - this TOP LINE of the window - the MAILS ALERT ICON - the "FLICKR POST NOTIFICATION"'S ICON. ► Mails Alert Icon with the count of mails Unread, ► NEW - AFTER NEW DESIGN 2014 : To get the old page back use : Random Agent Spoofer Instruction: Flickr Photo Page : Get Old Page Back And read: Photopage scripts broken (HTTPS?)

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easily toggle between fullscreen and regular mode with a sweep of the mouse

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