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about:about - if you don't know what it is, you don't need this style. Firefox only, Vista. Works, see the pic. More fine tuning is needed ... when/if time permits. I will not style textboxes and buttons because i use my styles Textboxes (Fx UI) - black mica and Transparent ( glass ) Firefox - Black Mica where they're already styled. Doesn't include about:addons (Addons Manager) 'cause i use my other style for that - Addons manager - make it your own!. You're welcome to use that, modify it or find another AM style you like. You can try adding url(about:addons) to the top block but i'm sure it will need some additional tuning.

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Firefox Addons & Prefrence TabColor & DialogWindow

Only for Tabs On Top People! Colorize the about:addons tab like the page. Fix tab colors/sizing for personas. When "Always show the tab bar" setting is not checked, and you have no tabs besides about:addons you get a chromeless addons manager. Tested on Firefox 13 & 15 on OSX. Not supported on Windows! Updated for Firefox beta on OSX! Other styles from bernstein.

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About:addons-Compact BACKUP

Выкладываю сюда незаслуженно удалённый автором SOS团员 стиль, всё ещё доступный по адресу

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effects the following about: sites... about: about:about , about:blank , about:credits , about:license , about:neterror , about:newtab , about:plugins , about:privatebrowsing , about:sessionrestore only tested in firefox

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about:addons - Remove Addon Compatibility Warning

Removes the useless annoying "Add-on compatibility checking is disabled. You may have incompatible addons" message at the header of about:addons menu after installing Addon Compatibility Reporter.

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Firefox 7+ addons manager small customizations

Features: - Hide Add-on Buttons Until Selection; - Add id of each addon; - Add count of addons (total enabled/disabled); - Show installed date (disabled by default, remove comment to enable); - Remove annoyance messages like incompatible addon or compatibility checking is disabled; - and more.. Tags: about:addons

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Disable the warnings in about:addons

Disables the warnings about incompatibility in about:addons on Firefox. Also on their Homepage where you actually get the Add-ons.

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Page > about:addons > byNoe132

about:addons beautiful and compacted

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