- Stylish for Chrome themes and skins

Stylish for Chrome: Fit the editor to its content

Forces the CodeMirror editor to be exactly as tall as the text within it. It expands when you add text, and shrinks when you delete text, as in this demo. For Google Chrome only.

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stylish extension hack for google chrome

Do you want to Hack your Development Area for Stylish in Google Chrome? NOTE: This Style doesn't affect the Stylish Development Area...manual update is needed. But it will affect your browser css globally. Do you want to get this done via JavaScript? So take a Look at (156221). This method has additional features, like Style Filters ( show only updateable or only none updateable, generate links where the stylies aplies to, save reminder on edit page) . and also a combination of both is possible. the Functionality from the Javascript and the Style Information from the CSS.

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隱藏 FB 贊助商廣告

   單純的隱藏擾人的贊助商廣告不對網頁做過多的修改,保持 Facebook 最原始風貌與樣式。 Stylish [隱藏 FB 贊助商廣告] CSS 語法安裝: 請點選 "+ Install with Stylish" 安裝.

Updated: Jun 9, 2013 Installs This Week: 9 Average Rating: N/A USo Stylish

A snappy theme for, in Stylish colors.

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My Nexusphp U2 (Firefox&Chrome) v2.90

My CSS for If you notice a bug, please PM me in U2 LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!Please Apply the Default Green Theme First!!!!!!!!!!!!! Notice: Please disable the internal Flash Player if you're running Chrome to avoid opacity problems. ============================================== Created by Frederick888=Hanamiya Nagisa@U2

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Find Bar - like Google Chrome

Moves the Find bar to the top right with a style like Google Chrome

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Google Chrome - Improvements

Tweaks for Chrome. Slick scrollbar No-background, thin, rounded scrollbar Don't accidentally click on Make Default in the Chrome Search Engines list There used to be a bug where you lose Google's auto-suggest even if you re-enable Google as the Default Search Engine. Center images Makes images open prettier - centered, no scrollbars. Great for fullscreen. Pan around by scrolling or middle-click. Disable Google Chrome default orange glow around inputs and textareas aka the outline for accessibility purposes Don't let n00bs click on Show Password This ONLY thwarts nosy n00bs that get a very short window of physical access to your computer. Don't display Most visited sites Buggy. Sometimes top sites show up, but when you refresh they're back in hiding. Read through these, some might be accessibility issues.

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期間指定を多用する人のためのGoogle検索 - Chromeのみ

Chromeのみじゃ無くなりました。(多分) 期間指定を常に表示させています。 使用される場合は、以下の手順をしてください。(多分もういりません。) Stylishのオプションを開いてこのテーマの編集をクリック セクション下の適用先を次で始まるURLその値をに設定してください。 たまたま見つけたんですが、ログインしてないと効きません。注意してください。

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