- Hide Caption Titlebar Plus themes and skins

HCTP Titlebar Button Box Fix

Hide Caption Titlebar Plus has been limited by a new Firefox interface change since 12.0a1 version. HCTP 2.6.0 was released to mitigate this problem, but if certain HCTP settings are used, this causes Min-Max-Close button box misalignment. UPDATE: Newer versions of HCTP have been released solving the major issues covered by this userstyle, but depending on your settings it's still useful, plus it provides some extra solutions.

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Oxygen KDE-Hide Caption Titlebar Plus Integration

First attempt to integrate Oxygen KDE addon ( and Hide Caption Titlebar Plus (

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Tab Bar Buttons Elements

Allows you to reveal 'List all tabs' toolbar (tab bar) button, and customize it with tabs counter and menu items numbering, among others. Also to style 'New tab' button as regular button instead of tab button, or to hide it.

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Comodo Ice Dragon Navigator Toolbox fixes

Theres alot of minor problems with the Navigator Toolbox with Comodo IceDragon v26 and back, like the effect adding lightweight themes has, spacing issues etc etc This scripts intended to fix basic problems or problems with how i want the setup

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Heavy Cloak

This style will make your Firefox as plain as possible! It does the same thing as my other style (13527), only this time with the app itself. BTW, the effects on the page are from that style, try it out! For better use, put all the buttons on the extension bar (yes, it is possible!)

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Oxygen colors and Chrome style for Firefox 4

This userstyle need Hide Caption Titlebar Plus to render correctly the border/resizer and hide the caption and the title bar and the "No border" option in KWin to hide the window decorator border.

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Private Browsing Bars

Highlights Private Browsing mode by showing a mask beacon in the URL bar instead of the default mask in the edge of the menu bar, and also colouring the URL and search bars. It's customizable, and compatible with Private Tab extension. Can also change default browser privacy icons (aside of the beacons). Supports Right To Left (RTL) browser locales.

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Sharp Minimal - Firefox4 extra compact

Sharp Minimal is a style that makes the Firefox4 gui and the elements extra compact, with sharp edges. It goes the best with solid and darker Personas (example (windowed) (maximized) if other type is preferred, you can hide/delete the "background-color: rgb(66,66,66) !important;" line in the code (which only makes the dark tabs appear with better contrast, but breaks the bright ones), and chose any other desired one, like the default for instance: Recommended to use it with Tab Mix plus and Hide Caption Titlebar Plus extensions. Unfortunately i haven't found a way to hide the (imho) ugly custom resizers in HCTP, so i took the initiative and painted them to full transparent, reduced their size in the code to match my scrollbars, then repacked the whole thing. (

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HCTP Orta theme

This is an Orta theme for Hide Caption Titlebar Plus For the theme in the screenshot use this Orta like style

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Icons for sis

For my sis - choose icon below. (to use with hide caption titlebar plus)

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