- Google Calendar themes and skins

Clean Google Calendar, rebaked

I picked up the work from and fixed what I thought shouldn't have been fixed and tweaked it to my taste. I also moved the side bar to the left. Original sidebar animation by

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Impossibly Clean Google Calendar

Clears away most of Google Calendar's UI chrome, leaving just the calendar itself top navigation bar (including date and settings button), with the left-hand sidebar activated on hover Works very nicely with a dark-themed splashy background image. (see Settings>Labs>"Background Image") Note: this is a work-in-progress, and

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Google Calendar - Simplified

Simplifies Google Calendar by removing the calendar header (except for the Settings link), footer, and other things. Home page: Inspired by Aziz's original, now deprecated Google Calendar Simplified. Also see Google Tasks - Simplified.

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Google calendar - hidden left and top bars

improved "Google Calendar - Autohide Tool Palette (Sept2011)" by statically hiding the top search bar and buttons.

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Google Calendar - New Minimalist Theme - Condensed

This style condenses some of the white space introduced with the new look of Google calendar hopefully without taking away from the new aesthetics.

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Google - Calendar

Google - Calendar (Coming Soon)

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Google Apps - Hide Google Bar

Hide the Google menu bar for Gmail, Google Drive, Google Reader, and Google Calendar. Moved Gmail specifics to Minimalist for Gmail-like. Moved Google Reader specifics to Google Reader - Hide "Mark all as read" button.

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Google Winter - Snow

This Style works with Google Search (all,picture and more), Google Docs, Google Calendar, Google Map!! This is a another Style of me for all Users , who love winter :) Please forgot my havy english, is more misspelling :) View the image for inspect or testing the Style :) Is many light blue and a Winther Theme :)

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