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Gmail messages, rounded and compressed

The new Gmail style has lots of whitespace, and messages in the conversation view are less distinct. This style makes several changes: Round corner boxes around messages, like the old style. Gradient message header. More compressed throughout, both in expanded messages, closed, and elided messages.

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Gmail - More Minimalist

Aggressively hides Gmail's UI and chrome, leaving a simplified view of your email, labels, and search box. Inspired by Matt Constantine's Minimalist Gmail browser extension. This style is compatible with (but doesn't hide) GMail's new tabbed inbox. Tips: - Use keyboard shortcuts! This userstyle expects that you do; it's pretty much unusable otherwise. - If you're using Stylish, you can temporarily show the hidden features by turning off Stylish. Click the Stylish icon and select Turn all styles off. When you're done, select Turn all styles on. - You can hide individual labels in the GMail settings Labels tab.

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The Return of Old Gmail

An effort to get back the older look of Gmail. What does this UserStyle do? Changes new Gmail style to the older one Reverts the top navigation in Gmail to the classic one Implements classic Gray-Blue Gmail theme Version 3.2 features and Changelog Made things more tidier than before, fixed almost everything wrong in v2.0 Re-fixed Chat and Mail list scrolling Re-styled buttons Re-styled the Menu bar Re-fixed no-scrolling of Gmail in Version 3.2.2 * Feel free to drop an email for any suggestions and bug report. I'll do my best to implement your thought. Stay Tuned! NOTE: Please link and share this post: , if you appreciate author's work and want him to continue updating this userstyle. Best regards.

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Old Gmail - New Style Hybrid

Make Gmail backs to the old style (part of). When I modify the style, I find out that there're still some good changes in new style, so I just keep them, such as the new type scroll-bar which preventing the left column being scrolled when you scroll the mail list. This style is a combination of old style and new style of Gmail, so do not expect it bring you exactly the old Gmail. But it should looks good. In this style I merge these great themes below, maybe you want to just use one of them:

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Gmail Redesigned - Fix for Gmail Top Navigation

This is a temporary fix for the currently un-styled Gmail Redesigned navigation bar that goes across the top of the Gmail screen...

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Gmail Bland

I was unhappy with the new Gmail and tried 'The Return of the Old Gmail' by Techably. After using that style I decided to try modifying it a bit to reduce contrast. The result was 'Gmail Bland'. While it looks nothing like the old Gmail, I realized some of the appeal behind the old Gmail had to do with softer color combinations that were much easier on the eyes. 'Gmail Bland' is simply a style that tries to eliminate harsh contrasts to make it easier to focus on content without being distracted by the garish and visually draining motif in the new Gmail. Two things I was unable to alter include changing the red 'send' button to something less alarming as well as the black border in the chat box. Since I am not savvy with css and just used trial and error to modify Techably's style, I welcome and appreciate any modifications and advice to improve this style.

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Gmail White Stripped Login Screen

Gmail White Stripped Login Screen is a clean custom style for Gmail from Google. It fits perfectly for those who want to keep the focus on what's important: E-mails! No ads distraction or links for other Google products after you login with your Gmail's account. That's it! Enjoy! For full screenshots and details Click Here

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GMail - Remove ads and relocate action links

This style removes the ad panel from Gmail or Google Apps Mail, relocates the action links (Print all, new window, etc.) from the side bar to above the mail subject, and widens the mail content area. ****** DEPRECATED ****** This is not working anymore after the update that brought the "People" widget in the right side column. It may be replaced by GMail - People Widget Drawer (with ad blocking).

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Gmail Redesigned... and then some

This style modifies the Gmail style included in this add-on ( Please install this add-on before using my style. Here are some of the modifications I made to the original Gmail Redesigned style to suit my needs: 1. Email list scrolls (thanks to 2. Removed Contacts button, Tasks button, and "Invite a friend" box, since I don't use these. 3. Removed "Archive", "Labels", and "Move to" buttons from upper toolbar, since I don't use these. 4. Repositioned "Print all", "New window", "Expand/Collapse all", "Turn off/on highlighting" buttons. Removed "Forward all" button. 5. Removed stars and labels, since I don't use these, and repositioned dates/times in email list 6. You will notice other adjustments as well, but I've covered the important items that won't be displayed

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Gmail Easy Access Colored Buttons

Determine icons with color for Gmail (new version) I can determine icons easier, because they are changing depending of view... Yes, delete button is red! Recommended: GMAIL - searching field Gmail - Add labels to toolbar icons

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