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by grom. Bright, blue, sky-themed style, refreshing the look of Forums. Recommended with - Bright, blue, sky.

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Userstyles TableView+Enhancer - Dark-Grey v.10

▶ It's (or just better) FOR A WIDESCREEN : (1920x1080)! But NOW, small Screens have a better adaptation. NEW : Support Now if you are Logged or not Logged, With or Without GM scripts.... - STYLES PREVIEWS (for GM) : Right - MENU - Vertical (in Top Bar on Hover) - FORUM Support too... Better with: Slim Dark Scrollbar (Firefox) ▶ It's an adaptation to use too with these 2 GreaseMonkey scripts, but work without them : Enhancer Or Table View Plus (or in GreasyFork) ▶ IMPORTANT, For Table View Plus : - Chose these Table Options: Unchek: "Brown / Tan Theme" Check: "Show Nav Links in Sidebar"

Updated: Mar 31, 2014 Installs This Week: 23 Average Rating: N/A Tin

Firefox only. Works, see the pic, goes with my forum Tin style. Made to work with - view the styles list as a table IMPORTANT! I don't hide ads in this style 'cause i use an ext. for that. Looks good with my Scrollbar Silver (on glass ) style Use this to change ratings -

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Userstyles "Hitchhiker" DARK+CENTERED

A dark and centered version of our beloved! :) features: -dark interface -centered -userstyles Logo instead of plain text -optimized icons -hovering menu on style pages Also check out these dark themes :) Facebook "HitchHiker" Userstyles "HitchHiker" Youtube "HitchHiker" ZippyShare "HitchHiker" Greasy Fork "HitchHiker" Wikipedia Fork "HitchHiker" FEEL FREE TO SEND IDEAS, SUGGESTIONS AND QUESTIONS TO -> Please comment and give feedback if you like this Style :) it would help me a lot in terms of motivation. Thanks!

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Advertisement - Fixed width centered

Ширина отображения страницы уменьшена до 990 пикселей. На мой взгляд так удобнее просматривать сайт при ширине окна 1024 пикселя. Также улучшено расположение страницы по центру. Мои другие стили The width of the page is reduced to 990 pixels. In my opinion it's more convenient to browse the site at the window width 1024 pixels. Also, improved page layout in the center. My other styles

Updated: Jul 22, 2012 Installs This Week: 17 Average Rating: N/A Remodeled

This style change look of Hope you like it.

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Userstyles 2014

I take no credit for this style, I've simply edited and changed some code of this style:

Updated: Jan 30, 2014 Installs This Week: 16 Average Rating: N/A - Dark Shiny Blue, transparency themed like my other Dark Shiny Blue, transparency themes. Become a fan of my Themes on Facebook:

Updated: Mar 11, 2011 Installs This Week: 15 Average Rating: N/A - Star Trek LCARS redesigned (adlc)

LCARS redesigned for by Agnelo de la Crotche other LCARS styles : - Star Trek LCARS terminal (adlc) Black Google in LCARS terminal (adlc) wikipedia styles - black & silver (adlc) - Ubuntu coffee beans (adlc) - SuSE chameleon green (adlc) - Mandriva blue (adlc) - Mepis blue (adlc) - Fedora slate blue (adlc) - Ubuntu Gold (adlc)

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