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iceyTech Google - Web Search

An icey-dark style Google theme. Be sure to view the screenshot in it's fullest resolution (1280 x 1024) to see it's true appearence. For other half, visit this link:

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Google Search - Columns & compact UI (clean)

Results in columns, compact interface, no ads and clean theme. It works in all locations of Google Web Search. Something does not work properly? Got a question? PLEASE email me (battleprogrammertidus at gmail dot com) so we can discuss it. THANKS. Customize: - You can easily change width of search box by changing the values of the "width" property of the following line: input[type=text], td.nobr.xsm { width: 280px !important; } - By default, automatically creates two columns, but if you want you can set the number of columns that you want. You just have to change the value (2) of the following line in your code: -moz-column-count: 2 !important; - You can change anything you like. The code is fully documented and clean. Watch the code and look what you want to change, the comments identify that part of the code corresponds each group of properties. Take a look at my other themes for Google Web Search: - Google Search - Columns & compact UI (dark blue) And my compact and clean style for Google Image

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A Gmail Collection (Fixed Nav, Style, RTM)

A collection of gmail styles and fixes. Based off the following scripts: * BurnOmania's Gmail style ( * Fixed Navigation for Gmail ( * Hide Invites ( I am also running the following: * RememberTheMilk for Gmail ( * Gmail Multi-Login ( * Folders4Gmail ( * Quicklinks (Gmail labs) I am not a professional coder. I've done my share of CSS work, but I can't promise I will be able to address specific issues or provide updates. I loved the original scripts listed above and wanted to be able to use them in conjunction, so I threw this style together, going in to fix the little conflicts that inevitably result. But because I am not a coder, I can't guarantee it will work in all computing environments. If you run into anything, or if you have any id

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Google Aero! - Maps plugin

______________________________________________________________________ Google Maps plugin for Google Aero! ______________________________________________________________________ RECENT UPDATES: • Added an auto hide function for the sidebar (click the close button and then hover over the left edge of the map) ______________________________________________________________________ RECENT BUGFIXES: • ... ______________________________________________________________________

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Google Calendar Clear Text

Google Calendar default font size is not suitable for Eastern Characters. So I changed the font size to 12px. It's more clear now.

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GMail - Remove ads and relocate action links (alt)

This style removes the ad panel from Gmail or Google Apps Mail, relocates the action links (Print all, new window, etc.) from the side bar to above the message area, and widens the mail content area. ****** DEPRECATED ****** This is not working anymore after the update that brought the "People" widget in the right side column. It may be replaced by GMail - People Widget Drawer (with ad blocking).

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Google Calendar - Display Keyboard Shortcuts

Display the keyboard shortcuts in Google Calendar, for immediate reference. See also: Google Reader - Display Keyboard Shortcuts

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Gmail2: Inbox Row Colors For Light-colored Themes

Thank you to by and by, which this style borrows from! This is a style that adds custom colors to the rows in your gmail inbox as follows: 1. Rows with unread messages have a light blue color 2. Rows get a brighter blue highlight as you mouse-over them 3. Selected rows have a light green color The color choices work better with the light-colored themes provided by new gmail (in "settings"), but you can change them to whatever you want.

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Google Pale-Blue Background - Improved

Google Search and most of the other Google applications like google news, video, blogsearch ,dictionary...etc. with Pale-Blue background and Mediumblue links & black text. Also more than other 10 small color tweaks for some specific Google applications/services. Goes well with my Google Help Articles - Large Text and Google Groups - Large Text and with my Google News - LargeText Suggestion - If you use Greasemonkey's GoogleMonkeyR (GMR) use #E5ECF9 for the the background color of its (GMR's) settings.

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