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Facebook Radius V2.3 Pink-Version

Facebook Radius Style for the new facebook style chat if you still have the old one click here : !IMPORTANT : Working bouth Chrome and FF UPDATE : added some cool animations ^^

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Midnight - a dark facebook theme

Midnight - dark facebook theme, for those who hardly dislike the bright white'n'blue standard layout. This style takes care about the timeline pages, gives FB's login page a clean and minimalistic look, and it also removes the ads. Compatible with my sticky left bar with collapsed subitems. Compatible with the Social Fixer browser extension. More screenshots available at Become a fan of my themes on Facebook.

Updated: Apr 14, 2014 Installs This Week: 583 Average Rating: OK
Facebook - Memes ( by )

T E M P L A H . C O M Theme for Facebook - Memes See more themes in Image: see here a complete list of all Theme made by

Updated: Apr 25, 2013 Installs This Week: 698 Average Rating: N/A
Minimalist Login- Night City

Rework of the Minimal Facebook Login - New York Live by Vladimir Sobolev. Now works great!!!

Updated: Mar 26, 2014 Installs This Week: 648 Average Rating: N/A
Hack Facebook Skin (444)

Hack Facebook Skin by URL: For more facebook skin please visit:

Updated: Jul 26, 2010 Installs This Week: 645 Average Rating: N/A
Facebook - Dark Shiny Green Galaxy, transparency

This is a green variant of Facebook - Dark Shiny Blue, transparency with a cool green space tile wallpaper, from Thanks to P-O Bergstedt ( who has granted permission for its use in this theme. Become a fan of my Themes on Facebook:

Updated: Sep 11, 2012 Installs This Week: 635 Average Rating: N/A
Facebook st-valentin By Hornetovore =D

Voici un autre style, basé sur mon précédent, juste féminisé un peu (beaucoup?) Des coeurs, du rose, etc mais sans la pub bien sur ;) Là encore, si quelques chose cloche, n'hésitez pas à venir en parler, je surveille tout mes styles et modifierai en conséquence ;)

Updated: Jun 11, 2010 Installs This Week: 630 Average Rating: N/A
Facebook - iPad Series: Page Flip

Friends with Benefits, a Facebook Enhancer is coming out soon!! Take a look at all the "iPad Series" as we add new ones every few days. For updates on release date and future code giveaways, follow us on: Twitter: @FwBapp Facebook:

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