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Lamborghini-Tron Drark Theme Facebook

This like Facebook - Dark Shiny Blue, transparency And LAMBORGHINI THEME. facebook restyled with CSS3 New login gradients shadows pure css3 available in all resolutions

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Blacked Out - (Rounded Corners) NO ADS!

10.03 - From now on This style can`t be updated anymore from Style manager. For every one new UPDATE You need to delete the old one, and install new one from here, based on your choise This is commin from the background selection and columns. This style was based on Blacked Out [Facebook Dark Theme] at start, but going far far away... Това е стил базиран на Blacked Out [Facebook Dark Theme] в началото, но вече отиде твърде далеч.

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Facebook Dark 2013

My Facebook Dark Style

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Facebook - Get the old design back!

This style will make changes to Facebook's new design (as of March) to make it look like the old design (Old "facebook" logo, white page background, old fonts and sizes, old layout and more). Click for more information, feedback is much appreciated!

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One Direction love it

olympic games one direction

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Fun Facebook Layout (10575)

Fun Facebook Layout by URL: For more facebook layout please visit:

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Facebook App (updated & restyled) no ad´s

Facebook like IOS 7 App published by Pimp My Site All my Styles klick here PLEASE Like us on facebook to support us and get all NEWS AND UPDATES or tell us about bugs - ios7 chat - round pictures - updated - facebook restyled with CSS3 - New login - no images - NO ADDS - New Chat - animations - gradients - shadows - pure css3 - available in all resolutions

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Facebook Twitter Style v. 1.0.5 extended with CSS3

DOES NOT WORK ANYMORE, I NEED TO DO SOME FIXES FIRST WHEN I FIND TIME. This style is based on but includes a few improvements - some nice round borders & stuff like that - The bar stays at the top of the page when u scroll down

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