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YouTube - Dark Static, transparency(workaround)

This is only a workaround. I had already mode some modification Preston Scheuneman's Dark Static transparency style; player-width, alerts box, and many small items....This is a workout around made from an "in progress modification" that I was making before and while youtube "surprised" us with their new style, so ...yeah.... I'm waiting as well as everyone for an up-date of "YouTube - Dark Static, transparency". Meanwhile, I'll try to do what I can to clean the obsolete code now. This here is my style sheet that works in my firefox, it is the rough sheet that I work in. So yeah, this is a quick fix. Peace below are the top and bottom of the whole page (screengrab)

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KEN echo por fausto

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Fluttershy's YouTube(YayTube) Design [WIP]

A bit stylized Youtube Design for Fluttershy from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It uses green, pink and yellow colors mostly. Redesigned player works only with HTML5 player. Because it's (probably) impossible to redesign flash player using only stylish. Also be sure to check out redesigned YouTube logo only: deviantART post:

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YouTube - Sonic Progress bar Video By Gueteru

Bring the hedgehog to your YouTube videos with this custom video progress bar! Animated Sonic the hedgehog leaves a fire as he runs through green Hill! This style only works on YouTube videos supporting the HTML5 video player. You must also have the HTML5 video player enabled on your YouTube account (you can do that here). Please note that not all videos currently support playback in the HTML5 player, so it won't work for every video. Although the style is free, you're more than welcome to donate (towards the bottom of the page, under the feedback section). Every donation is appreciated, regardless of amount!if Sonic is not your taste, just add this plug in then click Style Manager Edit and then Modify Its Background and Its Animation just click right on any photo from internet and get your URL and replace.

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YouTube Cool Background by Sangeet Khatri,2 themes

Note: This theme works along with the theme at . For just my theme version look at my other styles, Just added a cool background that looks good with a theme by another user, so just shared it, Theme recommended with this one . The combination of these two themes looks amazing

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YouTube identify flash vs html5

Inserts text in the video player control bar, next to the time, which shows "HTML5" if the HTML5 player is being used. Since the March 2013 update I don't see a way to show a label for the Flash player.

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uTube NightBlue+ kill ads

Black & Blue combination in background, links... Full customization. Animations in links & hover effects , YouTube Music support , video editor support , history ,etc. Runs on Firefox & Chrome.

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YouTube Black old layout

For old layout pre December 2012 - see instructions below for restoring old layout. This method no longer works for me. I don't know any way to restore the old layout. THIS STYLE IS NOT INTENDED FOR AND DOES NOT WORK ON CURRENT (NORMAL) YOUTUBE. Old layout must be in effect. For normal YouTube there is my YouTube Black 2013 (with options for custom color themes) or my YouTube Black by freecyber (with no options, for auto-update in Firefox and easier updating in Chrome).

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