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youtube - floral

originally from YouTube - Dark Shiny Purple, transparency i just changed the background to

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Youtube - Ad Fixer

Youtube - Ad Fixer

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YouTube Hidden (Cursor) Caret Fix

Fixes a hidden caret when typing in a comment box on YouTube.

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Youtube - Minimal

Removes various elements from the main video page, but leaves some features I deem useful (namely suggestions and queue). Comments? Go to the [GitHub repository][1]. [1]:

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yTube4 - v0.2.1

Far this day for I no longer making a style for stylish of any kind. I leaving the code up for whoever want to continue the project but never expect a update of any kind from me. The code is free to anyone to use to or to modfied in any way. Please don't leave a topic for updates or bugs, I will not fix them. Enjoy, Wantless

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YouTube - No comments, expanded description.

This script combines parts of YouTube - Expand+Limit Description Box by luckymouse with the removal of comments. The result is YouTube as it was meant to be. Thanks to luckymouse for the expander code.

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YouTube - No scaling for 720p videos

This user style resizes the video player element in YouTube in order to achieve unscaled viewing for 720p videos. I wrote it because of my frustration every time I watched screencast videos, where the scaling (either downscaling in windowed mode or upscaling when in fullscreen mode) causes text and UI elements in the screencasts to appear much blurrier than they really are. With this style, the recorded video frame and the displayed frame have exactly the same dimensions, much like the effect of e.g. Vimeo's "Scaling On/Off" button. So, say "goodbye" to blurriness and say "hello" to a crisp, sharp picture for those interesting tutorial screencasts! For optimal user experience, it is obvious that you should have your monitor set to a resolution big enough to accommodate the resized video player. HISTORY ------- v0.1 - 20110405 - First public version

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Custom AdFree Pages

Few changes, for a few pages, for a few friends. For YouTube, enable Cosmic Panda here:

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Youtube Plus!

Rediseña la pagina de Youtube NOTA: Para probar este estilo, desactive otros estilos que use para la pagina de Youtube, y tambien si utiliza Scripts de usuario (Para Greasemonkey en Firefox) desactivelos, para que no se mezclen las funciones y solo vea los cambios de este estilo.

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