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YouTube Centered

Centered the new YouTube-Design like the old one. Contact:

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New Youtube Centered

Center the new Youtube theme for large displays

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YouTube in the center

Страница в центре, а не в левой части экрана. Для экранов с шириной от 1280 пикселей! Page in the center, not the left side of the screen. For screens with a width of 1280 pixels!

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Sensible Youtube

Fairly simple style that mostly aims to clean up Google's recent, pointless dickery and Web 54533745.0 gradients and beveled borders. Also makes the player always large and centered, optionally removes the comments section altogether, makes the playlist slightly more minimalist (read: smaller), makes the description always show (and scroll if it's too large) and allows fairly easy resizing of the player and the height of the description/comments/related videos. There is probably a good bit of VERY dodgy stuff in here, I haven't had much time to test and this is a major edit of a style I used for the previous youtube versions.

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YouTube Centering (Dec 2012)

A small but effective layout edit of YouTube's newest layout; all this does is centering the front page and video page content (since I somehow can't get the new layout on my account, I had to log out and play around with it, so I don't know how it looks in your likes/favorites/watch later playlists).

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