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Yahoo Mail - Remove Top Nav Bar

Remove the top navigation bar that shows: Home, Mail, News, Sports, etc. Updated Oct 2013. Other useful styles:

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広告削除でYahoo! Japanをコンパクトに

広告除去や不要な項目の非表示によりYahoo! Japanを極限までコンパクトにします アレいらないコレいらないの末に出来ました モニターが小さい環境でもほとんどスクロールせずに表示でき、余計な物に気を取られることを防ぎます ページ最上部からフッターまでの高さが500pxと、本来の高さの3分の1以下です 左カラムのYahoo!サービスメニューは必要なものを選択してカスタマイズできます 設定項目が多いですがデフォルト値を設定しているのでそのままでもある程度使えると思います こちらも合わせてお使いください Yahoo! Newsから広告を削除する

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Yahoo Blue!

Yahoo Classic mail + black background with blue fonts = good times. It's not completely perfect (copied originally from, so please fix and repost!

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yahoo pink redesign

yahoo is pink with red and blue text. Update.

Updated: Jan 6, 2009 Installs This Week: 9 Average Rating: N/A

Just a DARK COLOR Them ....Simply.... ;-) Style Updated for : NEW DESIGN (oct 2013). For Firefox Only! ▶ IMPORTANT !! To Remove right sidebar, keep message list as wide as browser window use this Greasemonkey Script : Yahoo Mail Wide Messages List ▶ Its Userstyles Version : : Yahoo Mail Wide Messages List ▶ REMOVE PUBS use this greasemonkey script: Yahoo Mail Ad Removal

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yahoo tech blue


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Yahoo! Japan ad block

Yahoo! Japan(トップページ以外も)の広告ブロック ニュースのコメント欄も削除

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Yahoo Mail - March 2014 Enhancements

The incremental redesign of March 2014 introduced a new method for navigation and easier access to folders/recent among smaller improvements. My enhancements: - move the nav-bar to the top right next to username and settings to save vertical space. - flatten the user-specific folders along with the normal folders - remove the search web button - bold the sender names in the message list to distinguish it more from the subject when message is already read - make the folder area slimmer to allow for wider message reading Known issues: - will not support long usernames - will not support long folder names - lower left theme switcher button is not made thinner - cannot create a new folder without disabling userstyle Other useful styles: -

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Yahoo! WebMail (Classic) Reader - less cluttered

Applies to (url-prefix). Will create a less busy and cluttered page with the glaring white background softened down to a mellow green shade. Still a work-in-progress. The appearance of other users' screens may differ from the screenshots shown because the author also has a specific non-default Yahoo! color theme selected ("Red/Olive"). This server-side option can be chosen by any Yahoo! Mail Classic user. Note that manual editing of the url-prefix strings may be needed to allow this Style to apply to your own Yahoo! WebMail-Classic server address.

Updated: Nov 24, 2008 Installs This Week: 7 Average Rating: N/A