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pastel pink dashboard 2.0!

hey! this is an edited version of my last theme. it's updated to the current tumblr model! v1 is still usable, but this version is smoother, easier to see, and much cuter. please read the additional info, change log, and credits. recommended styling (logos, icons, etc) japanese tumblr logo: ask box, help, etc: my tumblr:

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Hipster Fo Sho ▲ (with space background)

If you want to know how to install it I have instructions on my faq page on my Tumblr at ( Support me and follow my blog please :)

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Tumblr - Tumblah logo

a fun spin on the original tumblr logo but spelt the way the brits pronounce it

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tumblr - "Real" Post Counts

Displays the real truth behind your tumblr Post statistics. NOTE: Actual post statistics will display upon hover. *NEW* If you would like to create your own text message, check out my latest style, Custom "Real Post" Counts. I also published a style to edit "Posts", "Followers", and "Drafts" called Custom "Real Post" Text. Check it out!

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Black & Sleek Tumblr Dashboard Theme. *NEW DASH*

****IF THE LOG IN BUTTON IS UNCLICKABLE ON HOME PAGE PLEASE TYPE /login AFTER**** THEME WITHOUT BACKGROUND IMAGE: A professional looking theme for the NEW dashboard! Coded in chrome. Tested for chrome and also working for firefox. = My tumblr:

Updated: Oct 18, 2013 Installs This Week: 92 Average Rating: Good
5 Seconds of Summer Dashboard Theme

Hi guys :) I decided to make a dashboard theme for my fav 4 australian idiots haha I really hope you like If you have any questions or troubles feel free to ask my Lots of love Sandra! :)

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orion nebula - space galaxy

stars/space/nebula/galaxy theme for tumblr using a picture of the orion nebula

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Button home lua *-*

Button home lua *-*

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Strawberry in Blue

The same as the second theme but this one is in blue...yeah. Get the logo here Get the icons here (Icons are not mine)

Updated: Dec 15, 2013 Installs This Week: 133 Average Rating: OK