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uses code from pile0nades's excellent Slashdot Classic 2.0 (it hasnt been updated for awhile so i figure no point in having two styles) add to display:none rule to hide article icons #articles .topic, Updates: hide leftside menu till hover/active (click+drag on a link to keep it open) made idle more like the rest changed comments border bunch of fixes worked on the comments box fix for tag arrow widen idle comment reply fixed firehose page a bit fix for large whitespace on some pages a couple of changes for the new stuff change fixed font comments to usual font fix for search blocked by previous stories some fixes for idle. fix for Anonymous Cowardon changed searchbox not to expand on hover couple fixes for tech. removing the ads question box also removed the user box from articles

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Slashdot Large Headings

The style displays each article's heading in a larger font, while hiding the section title and article introduction. It's assumed you'll use this in conjunction with the "Abbreviated" home page view which can be enabled in your Slashdot preferences. This is similar to my other style, Slashdot Headlines Only, but feels a bit more like Slashdot (while taking up more space).

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Slashdot - Site cleanup

This style is meant for, a news site for people interested in IT and technology. It removes: - Sidebars (optional) - Tags (optional) - Unnecessary whitespace - The day breaks (don't care when news was posted, just show it) It changes: - Grey/black background - Centers articles with a fixed width of 900px - Moves the 'from the ... dept' text to the right side of the article subheader Note: - I ranted about their code before, but with the latest redesign they've produced proper HTML. Very possible to style, so: yay!

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OMG!!! Ponies!!!

pink slashdot theme from slashdotter v1.8.9 differences: inline code added a few !importants rgb colours to notations 8bpp instead of 24bpp images link colours in firehose more visible every once in a while i feel the need for some pink /. enabling/disabling a style is quicker then doing the same for an extension hopefully Chris doesnt mind this style email ChoGGi[@] if you want it removed

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Clean Slashdot

Remove excess stuff from

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広告を消して本文領域を広くする。 もしかすると使うかも知れないものまで消してるかもしれない スラッシュドット ジャパン

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Slashdot - Remove Share Links

Sometime around January 25th 2010, Slashdot's interface degenerated even further with the addition of "share links" at the bottom of every story. These completely pointless links currently point to Facebook and Twitter and do nothing except clutter up the interface. This style removes these sharing links by hiding the containing element. Share links are removed both from the main index and individual article pages. Full-size before and after images can be seen here: Before: After: Keywords: slashdot remove share links facebook twitter sharing interface

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fondo para facebook

kiero hacer uno propio asdfadsfasdf asdf adsf

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Make Slashdot side/topbar scroll with rest of page

The Slashdot redesign includes a left-sidebar and a bar along the top that don't scroll with the rest of the page. This can slow down the page rendering, and just be irritating 'noise' when you're trying to read the comments. This CSS makes them scroll with the rest of the page again.

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