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Styles your Google+ into Pony+! Stylish will not correctly auto-update this script due to customization features, so remember to uninstall an old version before trying to upgrade! (Stylish->Options->Pony+->Delete) The configuration options allow you to choose a logo, background pony / mark and the type of stream mode you want! Default has the stream on the left, as normal. Centre makes the stream "old style".

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Likström - fixed design /w fixed forum menu

Gör så att endast inehållet på likström scrollas, medans menyernas position är fast. Även forumsmenyn är fast med denna

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Google 首頁背景自訂

提供使用者更換 Google 首頁背景~ 詳情請至:

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NeoGAF Lite

An alternative and lite interpretation of the theme on NeoGAF. Works perfect with both the light and dark theme on NeoGAF. Check out the screenshots. What it does: - smaller fonts - less padding - fixes oddly placed elements - extras This is a work in progress. Note: This does not remove any ads. They're simply removed for the screenshots to reduce its size.

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