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Myspace - Dark & Reorganized Homepage

This style hides a plenty of stuff on the homepage, leaving only the Profile Badge, Activity Stream, Friend Space, and Post box. It also makes everything darker. 8/10/2010 - Undeleted! Completely Rewritten. 9/24/2009 - More fixes... 5/19/2009 - Fixes to "Status and Mood" box. 1/20/2009 - Added help for getting the applications box back.

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New Myspace Dark (Red/Black)

A light theme and slight simplification for New Myspace.

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MySpace Ad/Annoyance Remover

This user style removes all of the ads (those that I've found) and annoying elements (Cool New People, Featured Artist, etc...) that appear on that distract you or inhibit you while you use I've taken care not to interfere with the user’s ability to continue to use the site normally. I plan to continuously update this style for ads that are created by profile generators. If there are any questions, suggestions or issues, please refer to: That is where you will get the best support. If you have the time, please rate this user style. Changelog --------------- 2.0.0 - Code now better reflects changes to MySpace. - Fixed issue with Firefox 3 Beta 5 still showing ads on the login page. - Removed code that removed annoyances left by page generators. This will be added back as soon as I rework things. This, like I always said, is where your help is most needed. Please submit your annoyances that y

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MySpace Simple Login Screen

This is my version of I was not satisfied with the crappy styles on this site, and MySpace has always been full of ads... All I do on the main page is log in, and sometimes I look at the music page... So I removed everything except the login box and changed the background to white... I don't think I can add links to the Music Page through CSS, so I will figure that out later... Comments welcome!!! P.S. If you want it to look EXACTLY like mine I suggest MySpace Ad / Annoyance remover, although I don't know what it changes, while making the style I noticed minor differences with it disabled... HOTFIX : Changed so the page always has a white background... (Forgot to put !important, silly me!) EDIT : Updated style to black and white, cleaned it up, removed borders (Please note it looks different from the screenshot) HOTFIX : Fixed how it broke my other customization... EDIT : Shortened code EDIT : Removed Side of Page ads

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cleanup dat myspace!

Simple white background, black text, blue links (not default blue... something more pretty than that!). Images and other flash elements are resized to keep things in line, and opacity is a thing of the past. This is a modification of some other style on this site (forgot which, modded it a while ago (SORRY!)) where there was no media at all, so I basically added external media, and fixed the opacity and links.

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Home.myspace Inv

This is a modification of my Home Mono. Basically it's just reverse colors, with a few extra unnoticeable changes. Update 10-13-07: Removed new top ad. (*bugs* big space at top, search bar is still there) Update 10-14-07: Removed Advertisement^ image and adjusted the top links

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MySpace New Skin Style Comment Page

The first in a series of skin changes to default MySpace pages. This changes the look of the "View Cemments" page. Others in the series: MySpace New Skin Style Photo Album MySpace New Skin Style View More Pics MySpace's default comment page is really ugly. I got fed up with the ickyness and decided to stylesheet it. This styles the page like the new home skin. The new home design is pretty spiffy, so I thought I'd go with that style. I soon found out that MySpace's CSS and table code is atrocious. I managed to get a decent looking skin going, though. So enjoy! I can be found on deviantART if you want to talk to me about it - I'll be making a stylesheet for a few other ugly MySpace pages, so check back every once in a while. :)

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Myspace home cleaner

myspace home cleaner

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MySpace "Page Themes" hider

Simply hides the "page themes" box which eats up space on the MySpace home

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myspace nicelook

aaaaaaaaaand A!

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