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-- Update 07.06.2012 -- Код обновлен для блокировки рекламы-фона на главной странице ЖЖ. -- Update 18.12.2011 -- Код дополнен блокировкой рекламы-фона на главной странице ЖЖ. -- Update 18.09.2011 -- Код дополнен блокировкой новой рекламы в сайдбаре. -- Update 13.05.2011 -- Код дополнен блокировкой рекламы Яндекс-Директ в сайдбаре. -- Update 06.10.2010 -- Код дополнен для блокировки обновленной строки LJTimes. -- Update 28.09.2010 -- Код дополнен блокировкой рекламной строки LJTimes внизу страниц. -- 10.07.2010 -- Данный код удаляет рекламу со всех страниц сервиса Живой Журнал ( и Описание This code removes all ads at LiveJournal. Description

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LiveJournal - Entry Box Width Tweak

I don't know about anybody else, but for me 800px (max width of the box) is not enough and there's a lot of wasted space left on the right side. This could be useful for HDTV/Widescreen monitors owners. P.S.: forgot to mention that it changes width on both "Edit Entry" & "Update" pages. If you want it to take effect on only one of those pages, just change: '@-moz-document domain("")' to '@-moz-document url("")' or '@-moz-document url("*")' accordingly. Thnx, 90d for pointing that out.

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Livejournal Release 88 Tweaks

Some tweaks to Livejournal's new default comment pages. Fixed to work w/ Release 89. Move subject line back to header, option for keywords-only userpic selection, changed font and font sizes, margin, comment header colors, etc. Browsers: Chrome 10+, Firefox 4+, Safari 5.1+, Opera 11.10+

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LJ Easier Read

A quick change to make viewing Livejournal pages a little easier on the eye since Release 88 made it hard to view. Basically back to Verdana, slightly changed font sizes, and a light grey background. Added slightly wider margins, the mystery buttons now show all the time, not just on hover, and the dark blue border around add comment box is no more. Choose a colour before install - the default is what it was in the first versions - I've added a slightly darker grey, and white as options :)

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Да, я боюсь

Заменяет одного козла другим.

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LiveJournal PrevNext Tab Removal

Removes the Previous/Next entry popout tab on LJ's default comment pages

Updated: Dec 9, 2013 Installs This Week: 9 Average Rating: N/A - без рекламы

Убираем назойливую рекламу у ибигдана в блоге (wtf иби? денег совсем мало платят в ЖЖ?).

Updated: Mar 6, 2013 Installs This Week: 3 Average Rating: N/A / Removing the Nav Strip - Removing/Hiding the Navigation Strip aka that ugly gray bar

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LiveJournal homepage cleaner (including ONTD)

It removes particular elements from LiveJournal homepage. There are: - Oh No They Didn't (ONTD) - Recent Posts - Search Journals and Communities - Feature showcase - Featured Styles - Gifts, Inbox messages from the Updates If someone needs to kill only ONTD - let me know and I'll upload ONTD only version.

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