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Make that ugly bird disappear

Hey Hotties, Sick of that ugly bird that replaced the Hot logo in gMail? Well, instead of waiting for IT and DE to make things right why don't you bypass that ugliness with a simple Stylish script. *Before you load the script* This script is for a Firefox's Add-on called Stylish. This add-on needs to be install before you load the script. You can install Stylish here:

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Google Web Search: Bubbles v1.11

An easy on the eyes web style optimized for small screens and vertically oriented displays. All ads are blocked. The search results are stretched to occupy the whole screen and prettified using rounded borders and hover effects. Especially useful if you use the search query for 100 results on every page. I have also included the result counter (uncomment it to use) Based on the pastel blue style for google search. UPDATE v1.1 New ad element #rhsline blocked UPDATE v1.11 Thank you m&m for your kind comment. Added out of respect :)

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Gmail Button Font Fix

gmail(eng version) button font fix

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gMail right-side labels margin

Theory: gmail labs rock :) There are two beautiful features: right-side chat and right-side labels, and I will call them RSC and RSL for the moment. Both features had a top margin of 10px so they were not top aligned with the middle huge div (with light-blue background and round corners, you know it). The RSC feature had been fixed but the other one not... I posted some messages on the discussion group, I saw others posting on the same topic but there were no moves, so I made one. This style moves the RSL 10px top margin to bottom (yellow highlighted in the before/after screenshots); but there is a problem: the same class is used by the left-side menu [inbox, starred, chats...] so I placed another 10px bottom margin to the "Compose Mail" button. And the problem was solved. I tried the style without lab features and it didn't screw anything but if you find irregularities please post a review or email me: vlad[at]nastasiu[dot]com Thanks and enjoy.

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Grey World

Grey World WebPages

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More messages in Gmail chat window

Makes gmail chat more compact by reducing space between lines, also making messages like "sent at 2:38" more compact You can also have more space by uncommenting the font modifying row in the script. Use the source, you can tweak the height of the chat window also. Note: you can see the timestamp after installing it (but I compressed the png, that's why you cannot see on the screenshot) You may also be interested in More text from messages in Gmail list view by me, and Google Reader: 30% more items on one page by thowi You can leave comments on the page

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Google Search - Clean, Crisp & Columnized

EDIT: Google jacked everything around since I wrote this, so it doesn't work anymore. I'll leave it up just in case anyone wants to take some elements from this and run with it. Don't worry about giving me credit - All I want is money, fuck the fame - I'm a simple man. My version of Google Search - Columns & compact UI (dark blue) by BattleProgrammerTidus, with a more traditional Google look (no tweaks to the search bar/logo/results bar/header & un-"compact"-ed). I also removed those annoying SearchWiki links from the results.

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Gmail LiveJournal Emails - Bigger Textarea

I was upset at the small space allowed within the textarea in the LiveJournal comment emails, so I figured out a way to make them bigger. This only applies it to textarea's inside blockquotes. This was the only way for it to work. It is customizable by editing the width and height in the style.

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