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Google no-Ads

Un petit Style qui permet de se passer des pubs qui peuvent apparaître lors de recherches Google, lecture de mail Gmail ou de ballades sur Google Maps. Il fonctionne pour toutes les urls en ***** ou ****** N'hésitez pas à me faire part de vos remarques afin d'améliorer ce style encore et toujours ! ** 27/02/2009 ** Suppression des publicités apparues avec la mise à jour de Gmail

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Gmail improved UI and whitespace

In an effort to take Khoi's post a bit further: I didn't remove the ads, because they don't bother me. And honestly, I find it amusing to see what kinds of ads they serve me based on the conversations I have. I'm easily pleased, what can I say? [Added 2008 Oct. 25] - Grayed out the read message text. - Removed the blue background on read message rows. [Added 2008 Sept. 3] - Gray font color for ads and footer info. [Original changes] - 150% font size on Body. - 120% font size on compose message Body. - Ample horizontal and vertical of inbox elements. - Tweaked the To and Subject field lengths on inbox. - Large checkboxes (Fitts law!)

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Google Autohide Dots: Search and Account Options

Collapses the search options list (links to apply current search to web, images, maps, etc) and account options ("sign in" or user name) when not hovering over the dots in the upper corners of the page. It works on a variety, if not the majority, of Google search sites, so it's applied to the entire domain. (To minimize Google's search interface, try Google Text & Image: slim header, wide results, which is compatible with this one.) Started (20080904)

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Block (Disable) Google Suggest

Prevents Google Suggestions from showing up while typing in a search query. Pages Supported:* google.* How does it work? This style removes the table box that appears below the search box. This table displays the Query Suggestion and the amount of pages each has. Why? For those of you who like the old Google Layout, and who don't want to go into the settings (Google preferences) every time you go on a new machine. Essentially, this style allows you to search your own way, without advertising influences and such injections. This comes from an idea I looked at on Lifehacker (no code provided on, just the idea.) Works on: -Firefox 2 -Firefox 3 + Changelog: - Initial Release

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Make that ugly bird disappear

Hey Hotties, Sick of that ugly bird that replaced the Hot logo in gMail? Well, instead of waiting for IT and DE to make things right why don't you bypass that ugliness with a simple Stylish script. *Before you load the script* This script is for a Firefox's Add-on called Stylish. This add-on needs to be install before you load the script. You can install Stylish here:

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Google Web Search: Bubbles v1.11

An easy on the eyes web style optimized for small screens and vertically oriented displays. All ads are blocked. The search results are stretched to occupy the whole screen and prettified using rounded borders and hover effects. Especially useful if you use the search query for 100 results on every page. I have also included the result counter (uncomment it to use) Based on the pastel blue style for google search. UPDATE v1.1 New ad element #rhsline blocked UPDATE v1.11 Thank you m&m for your kind comment. Added out of respect :)

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gMail right-side labels margin

Theory: gmail labs rock :) There are two beautiful features: right-side chat and right-side labels, and I will call them RSC and RSL for the moment. Both features had a top margin of 10px so they were not top aligned with the middle huge div (with light-blue background and round corners, you know it). The RSC feature had been fixed but the other one not... I posted some messages on the discussion group, I saw others posting on the same topic but there were no moves, so I made one. This style moves the RSL 10px top margin to bottom (yellow highlighted in the before/after screenshots); but there is a problem: the same class is used by the left-side menu [inbox, starred, chats...] so I placed another 10px bottom margin to the "Compose Mail" button. And the problem was solved. I tried the style without lab features and it didn't screw anything but if you find irregularities please post a review or email me: vlad[at]nastasiu[dot]com Thanks and enjoy.

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Grey World

Grey World WebPages

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