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Google Hover Over Links

Simple user style to remove underline on links, on Google pages, when they are hovered over. Note: Change domain as necessary to reflect your region (e.g. or if you are a US user, remove that second domain. All users should keep the reference regardless of location.

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Change Gmail Logo to your own - Gmail 2.x

Uses base64 encoding. Create your graphic @ 143x59px as a .png or .gif. Remember to change to code to reflect whether it's a png or gif... url ("data:image/png;base64... Convert to Base64 using a quick and easy online tool I found at Cut and paste that code between... url ("data:image/png;base64, and ") !important; }}

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Smoke Google

This is just another Google logo change for the fun of it. topic for logo: "Smoke"

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google ad killer

its simple dude.

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Google - (search results) malware warning

This style adds an obvious visual warning to Google search results that turn up sites Google has deemed to contain malware, or otherwise be harmful to your computer. Google did a good thing, doing this, but this style just takes it one step further by making it VERY obvious!

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Google Un-Arial 0.2

Remove ugly "Arial" from Google pages (http/https), resetting to browser "Sans-serif" font. I like "Cambria/Candara/Consolas" font triple. todo: - adjust widget fonts - style must be extended to support gadgets Changes: 0.2: reset to main (http/https) url match 0.1.1 - added support to Calendar gadget iframe

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Google deniedart

Very simple google homepage. New buttons, new color links and new logo.

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Len R's Well Rounded 3 Dialogs&Textbox fields

If you have vista, you should definitely try out glasser, which gives you aero effects in the nav-bar. I've redone this theme for glasser, and will be doing future updates there: Len R's rounded FF3 for glasser A lot of work went into this - if you appreciate it, please support my work. v1.2 Only tested on Windows. Please post screenshots and post in forums for bugs. ====>IMPORTANT: Unfortunately, it is impossible to code a CSS theme that works right on both windows and linux. So, this is a WINDOWS theme. For a linux theme, please see vbielawski's work. Show rounded text fields, menulists and more in Firefox 3 Includes webpage fields and multiline fields shows blue hover and focus for all fields (vista-themed colors) I've integrated parts my vista statusbar and findbar theming upon (many) requests; also shows solo images (if you click "view image") centered, shows wider google results (full-width) - all easy to comment out if you don't like them. Based on concepts from vbielawski's ex

Updated: May 7, 2008 Installs This Week: 2 Average Rating: N/A (Mac OS Style) - Redone (Modified)

* Original Authors: * (Mac Os Style) by leanDrow * (Mac Os Style) - redone by Kemuel * Some pieces of code (such as labels) from Gmail Redesigned (by Globex Designs) by Globex Designs, Inc. To continue the chain of modified styles, I've built on Kemuel's work to include some changes that appeal more to my tastes. CSS is available from here: as the code is larger than the size constraints imposed by userstyles. That is, don't try to install the CSS included below as it is only a placeholder! If you like the style, please donate and help me pay my university debt. :) Notes: * I haven't tested the style to include any layouts of gmail except those that I use. In that sense this style is hard-coded. However, feel free to email me at x o d d e r a a t g m a i l . c o m if you want me to make it more flexible. * There are some bits I'd like to change, I'll probably get to those when I get the time.

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