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Gmail: Inbox with new style

Small changes in the colors and font-face in the Gmail appearance. Compatible: Gmail English(en-US), (en-UK) and Spanish(es-ES). Last update: December 18, 2007

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Gmail - Customize message record colors

Inspired by solido's Gmail: Inbox with new style to apply different colors when hovering on Gmail mail records. (Also fixed a small omission about unread messages)

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GMail Remove Top Left Padding

One of my "final" tweaks for GMail which gives more screen room, especially when you have many labels and "chat" contacts." Removes the logo and the blank DIV underneath it, and also moves "search mail" over to left side above "Compose Mail." Works with all my other GMail scripts. As aRIEL points out, this script might not be right for you if you like having certain status messages like "this message has been moved to trash" upon email deletion. This doesn't bother me and I prefer having the room. If you delete something to trash, you still have to go to trash and permanently delete - so I have no need for the message. Thanks to aRIEL for pointing that out, however - it may be important to some!

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Google - userbar buttons

Based off of "Web: Gmail sign-out with button appearance" by solido, but this adds the same buttions to you google personalized homepage and google reader. Also has support for

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Google: no ads and new style

This style removes some ads (sponsored links) on the Google results page and gives Google a new appearance. Seems to look good on the search page results. Tested with Firefox 2, not with Opera. You can also try the Google: no ads and compact style, which is a fork of this one and of the Google Compact one. You can also try the much more beautiful but less ad blocking google: pastle blue. Bellow the details: - recolorization of links (link, active, visited and hover) to the colors of the Google logo, - add an indent for the text below the URL of the result, - relax the width of the results to optimize the use of the available vertical space (less scrolling), - add a round border to each result with a blue background, - add an hover effect that makes this background and its border respectively switch to yellow and red (Google logo colors again). Changelog (19/05/2010): - fix the total result width to 100% after the big Google look-and-feel refresh (margin-right set to 0px) Changelog (25

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Gmail: Labels box with pretty colors.

This changes the Gmail labels box appearance with pretty colors. Based on the initiative of aRIEL( Last change: 09/08/2006 19:38:35

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Google Pages - Touchups

Update: changed loading icons to throbbers edit page header changed right side files highlight changed files highlight to light blue, delete is red a couple fixes

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Gmail: MonoSpace non-html emails

In a perfect world this would only change non-html emails to a monospace font. I think it works better than any other script/extension that I've tried... Additionally this makes the compose feature use a monospace font (it doesn't affect rich formatting). For other gmail styles I've made see Gmail: sidebar/fixed height and Hide Gmail/Google Appbar. Not working perfectly for gmail 2.0 yet, but trying...

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Gmail - expand text area

Expand gmail's text entry to fit 80 chars with the font _I_ use, feel free to monkey with the width if you don't use a fixed-width font for gmail

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Gmail transform suite

this is a collection of styles for gmail available here, modified slightly. the idea is to have a single style instead of many smaller ones. styles incorporated: Gmail - cleaner - old gmail by ChoGGi (slightly modified, see below) Gmail: Inbox with new style by Jhon GMail Label Names Bold by Paulfox Gmail with different attachment icons by Moktoipas the other styles are unmodified as of their revision current at 2006-11-24 I'm using a modified older version of the currently available 'gmail cleaner' style. the new version is a bit too extreme for me and I quite liked the old one. the only thing that was missing was the orange info bar for undo and stuff, and ChoGGi was very, very helpful with that. thanks for all your help! so, just to reiterate... I'm not the author of any of this, I just compiled it... I know my way around CSS but haven't the slightest about skinning gmail.. this is just a collection of styles I use on gmail... all changes are final as approved by me... suggestions are welcome, tho :) also, if you notice one of the in

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