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Facebook Old-Style Chat

[Updated 8/5/11] Facebook made some changes, I've updated the style sheet to match this. The biggest change is Facebook has it's own scroll bar now. [Updated 7/25/11] Chrome had a silly little problem I missed with the options gear thingy hiding itself, it has been fixed. [Updated 7/20/11] Hey, so it ends up facebook uses this fancy javascript thingymabobber to calculate how many users it should show to you. To combat this, I made some changes. On top of that, I added the ability for you to choose if you want to show offline friends or not. Let me know how it goes. Please note that if you turn off offline friends, it also turns off idle friends. [Original] This is a simple style that makes the FB chat similar to it's older appearance. If you guys want it to be even more like it or notice any places where there could be improvements/needs to be fixed let me know.

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Facebook | Modern (Beta)

*** Since I have deleted my Facebook, I will no longer be working on this style. I apologize for any inconvenience! ***

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Dark facebook theme

This theme is still under development. I got addicted to Stylish for a couple of hours and went crazy darkening every website I visit, when I realized that all of the themes for facebook either make very small or unnoticeable changes, or they don't really work. The reason for this was obvious. Facebook has WAY too much crap. Hundreds of DIVs, images, inputs... It was a mess. And so I decided to make it my task to create a working theme for this. The theory was simple. Start by applying simple features to EVERYTHING, then navigate the site and change elements one-by-one if they don't work properly. Things to note: Chat still does not work (reading through countless .js files to find the proper class/id/tag to modify), Autosuggest now works, other errors may exist that I have not yet found. Also, if you want to remove the large blocks of image data at the end, feel free. The first 6 make the gifts feature look a bit prettier, and the last one make the bottom-right chat button

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Facebook 2010 Tweaked v0.1

Tweaked version of the new 2010 facebook style. Features: Floating topbar (floating like old facebook toolbar) Chat transparency Rounded edges on some objects. This was just a quick mod, but i hope it is useful to someone.

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Facebook Agrume

Style Agrume pour Facebook : • Style épuré ; • Couleurs et thème agréables et conviviaux ; • Motifs arrondis ; • Transparence légère ; • Retrait des publicités ; • Amélioration de la cohérence des objets graphiques.

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Remove Facebook Ticker

Removes the ticker on Facebook

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FB萌化主題 ver.1.60

讓你的FB糟糕化...... 詳情請至:

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Facebook Reloaded

This application is currently in Beta and there are alot of bugs and new improvments and features coming. if youd like to request something please place it in comments same with bugs. thanks -JL Griffin =====================Description======================= A Clean Modern Facebook theme based off of the Facerane theme. Facerane i found was appealing with a lot of bugs so i tore it up fixed as many bugs as i could find and added a lot of cool new chrome to it that makes it better looking and more easy on the eyes. Please enjoys and im always open to sugestion.

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