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This Theme Facebook Universe

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Bigger Facebook Chat

It enlarges the facebook chat window and gives space to minimize avoiding problems with long names.

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Anonymous Facebook Login

Theme Made By #CACI CREW

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Facebook - pink!

A nice, simple pink theme for Facebook.

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Facebook - Royal 1137Graphics (1200x800)

Royal Palace type layout Text is brown & white Hope everyone enjoys this layout, Look forward to using more graphics made by me (1137Graphics) and please "like" this layout and tell your friends! :) If anyone wants a custom made layout you can email me at Give me up to 24 hours to reply to your message I make graphics for several sites.

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iFacebook brings to Facebook desktop version some default styles from the Facebook's mobile site and iPhone App. It is not intrusive, so you'll notice slightly changes that will make Facebook smoother and cleaner. Major changes were applied on the Top Bar which is kind of flat style on Facebook's desktop version, you'll notice new ui for the fly-out pop ups used in Notifications, Friend Requests and Messages, new search field, new user's account navigation menu and more. I've opted to remove Facebook Ads Completely, although I consider Facebook advertisement sidebar quite handy as it allows us discover new things all the time, but if you prefer you can enable ads again. Check my Blog post for more full screenshots and details. Creative Userstyles - iFacebook

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