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Facebook: Zatsune Miku - Edit By full_interest

Original layout: _____________________________________________ \ Facebook - Dark Shiny Blue, Transparency / \ Author: DaedalusIcarusHelios / contact: \ Facebook: ---------------------------------------------

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Facebook Old Chat

This style makes the facebook chat sidebar look more like the original facebook chat. Please leave me some feedback, so I know what to update/modify. Thank you. Tested on Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

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Movimiento Original Login

Stailok Man by -Monky

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Facebook Black (Improved) [LEGACY]

All credit should go to the original creator of 'Facebook Black' but I did notice that a lot of their code was bloated and some of its functionality had been lost (be that by original coding, or facebook having updated their design causing incompatibilities) Anyway my version fixes the following issues: Home Hover Fixed Menu Down Arrow Hover Fixed More/Less Applications on Left-Pane Restored Unnecessary CSS Elements Removed CSS Shortened More Advertisements Hidden UPDATE: 31/05/10 Wow, haven't checked UserStyles for a while; but pleased to see so many downloads! Unfortunately this theme is now 3 or 4 versions of Facebook out-of-date so won't work and I don't have any plans to update it, don't install. ------------------------------------------ UPDATE: 15/01/08 Sidebar Menu Now Also Black ------------------------------------------ UPDATE: 06/02/08 Amendments Post-Facebook Update: You may have noticed the search bar cocked up yesterday, Facebook changed their

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Facebook Black

A darker version of facebook. Also hides ads and expands applications (original Facebook Ad Remover compilation and Facebook Always Expand Applications) Made by ------------------------------------------ UPDATE: 31/10/08 There's now an update for the new facebook layout! Facebook Black v2 UPDATE: 29/04/08 Steve-UK made som improvements and bugfixes to my original code that i I put into this version. Big thanks to him!

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A clean, slightly wider Facebook skin based on the Youtube design. Google Chrome only! Screen resolution of 1920x1080 recommended

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Facebook - Perfection [VERSION 5.4]

Facebook - Perfection - by xd_1771. This userscript: -Compacts and perfects the interface by adjusting padding & spacing -Removes all advertisements and useless clutter on the right -Widens the interesting content portion -Adds Transparent menus (notifications, accounts menu, etc.) w/shadow -Blinks notification icon on new notification -Adds fade/hover animations and highlights -Changes background colour of side notification counts to red for increased visibility Additional addons and scripts I recommend: - Facebook - Left Side Chat Bar (FIREFOX ONLY) - LINK - Social Fixer - LINK - Facebook Minimalistic Login - LINK CURRENT VERSION: 5.4

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