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effects the following about: sites... about: about:about , about:blank , about:credits , about:license , about:neterror , about:newtab , about:plugins , about:privatebrowsing , about:sessionrestore only tested in firefox

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GlassFox - a clean theme

Take a walk on the glass side.... GlassFox - a complete theme - Maximum transparency - The tabs have 3D effect - Changed "Firefox-button" - And a lot more.... Try also addons made for this theme (menus, scrollbar, newtab, addon- & sidebars, dimmerfunktion, etc), see below. My intention is to keep the theme updated with latest Firefox Nightly, please notify me if you have any issues. Edit: When the (ugly) new UI Australis will be implemented (probably in FF29) , this theme will not work proper. This is due to CSS limitations. But there is a work-around, Mozilla has created "Holly" with is a "normal" Firefox without Australis. Holly can be downloaded here (the windows version is "firefox-XX.0a1.en-US.win32.installer.exe")

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New Tab Page - After Dark... - Fx 12+

For the latest Firefox 12+ builds and newer. This restyles the new "New Tab Page"("about:newtab") that landed on Fx 12+ builds to give it more of a Dark Look... Tested on the latest Firefox 12+ builds and newer. ***!Important*** On latest Fx 12 builds the new "New Tab Page" is disabled by default. So, If you don't see it, Type about:config in Urlbar and do filter search for preference "browser.newtab.url" set it to "about:newtab" and also change preference "browser.newtabpage.enabled" set it to "true".( A Browser Restart may be Required) Idea and Modified CSS code from: mikedl Note: If you like this style, you may also like style: Panorama/Tab Groups View - After Dark... - Fx 4+

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Firefox 7+ About:Blank Glass

Gives about:blank (the new tab page) a transparent background or a transparent background with a firefox/minefield logo. Requires the use of Stylish add-on Requires Aero (Win 7 or 8, Vista) "Image Without Style" screenshot is transparent "Image With Style" screenshot is transparent with logo Tested on Firefox 7, Beta, Aurora and Nightly in Windows 7. May not work on any other configuration. Note: This will not work with Personas

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Aerofox Transparent +

Tired of never seeing your desktop background because your browser is always open and maximized? Try this. Based on my "Aerofox Transparency" theme. I just added the address box and search box transparency on this one. I left the previous one as a separate theme in case you prefer the text entry boxes with white background (I go back and forth depending on the day). Credits due to Satoz' "Discreet Transparency" and foxxyn8's "About:Blank Glass", which I combined and built upon to create a minimalistic theme close to the classic theme, but totally transparent, in the spirit of Windows 7 Aero. If you installed this style, please take the time to review it and leave your feedback.

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Firefox Australis Windows 8 Appearance

Firefox Australis with Windows 8 Appearance, based on Stephen Horlander's mockup(

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about:newtab cirno firefox

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Firefox | Australis Mockup Theme (Windows 8)

Un pequeño scipt para Firefox basado en los mockups Australis de Windows 7, creados por Stephen Horlander. Esperemos que esto sea realidad en proximamente en Firefox, mientras tanto cree este script basado en una compilación Nightly UX con el tema Australis. Para una experiencia Australis con las páginas "about:" Funciona correctamente en Windows 8 (Por ahora estoy haciendo una migración a partir del tema Australis que desarrollé para Windows 7/Vista). Puedes Probar También el App-Button compatible con Windows 8:

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