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Firefox: Minimal Elegance Theme, transparency

My new theme called Minimal Elegance for new Firefox. It's a transparent theme for firefox with minimalistic style. You can see it on screenshot. !!!!IMPORTANT!!! For effect us is in screenshot you need Stratiform addon. Stratiform - !!!!IMPORTANT!!! and if you want bookmarks buttons on right of screenshot download: Google shortcuts - Enjoy this theme ;)

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about:home - LavaFox & BlackFox - Orion's Belt

about:home styled for LavaFox & BlackFox Firefox Themes with Orion's Belt image (with matching colors to the theme's color)

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Firefox | Australis Mockup Theme (Windows 8)

Un pequeño scipt para Firefox basado en los mockups Australis de Windows 7, creados por Stephen Horlander. Esperemos que esto sea realidad en proximamente en Firefox, mientras tanto cree este script basado en una compilación Nightly UX con el tema Australis. Para una experiencia Australis con las páginas "about:" Funciona correctamente en Windows 8 (Por ahora estoy haciendo una migración a partir del tema Australis que desarrollé para Windows 7/Vista). Puedes Probar También el App-Button compatible con Windows 8:

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Numix for Firefox

Styled like the Numix GTK theme, see Affects tabs, navigation and scroll bars.

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Aerofox Transparent +

Tired of never seeing your desktop background because your browser is always open and maximized? Try this. Based on my "Aerofox Transparency" theme. I just added the address box and search box transparency on this one. I left the previous one as a separate theme in case you prefer the text entry boxes with white background (I go back and forth depending on the day). Credits due to Satoz' "Discreet Transparency" and foxxyn8's "About:Blank Glass", which I combined and built upon to create a minimalistic theme close to the classic theme, but totally transparent, in the spirit of Windows 7 Aero. If you installed this style, please take the time to review it and leave your feedback.

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Firefox 4 Menu Button with icon+(Tabs in Titlebar)

This style is a GUI modification for Firefox 4.0 under Windows XP/Vista/7. Its features are: -A new Firefox Menu Button, that displays an icon instead of text. -The glow of the Firefox Menu Button will fade in and out. (Optional:) -Placement of the tabbar into the titlebar to save space. Most of this changes only apply, if the "tabs on top" option has been set by the user. Version 1.0 Fans of the older Version 0.4.4 can still find it at .

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Firefox Aero Transparent v1.8.2[FAT]

I'll update the screenshots soon. [FAT] Firefox Aero Transparent. [Write to if you got questions] v 1.8.2 uses the Downloadbar/button from Firefox 20+, if you don't have Ff20+, disable the DLbar option, other than that it works since Ff13 You need to have the Windows-Aero function enabled. This Mod supports: 1. Transparent Searchbars 2. Transparent Tabbar 3. Transparent Urlbars 4. Transparent Addonbar 5. Transparent About:Blank Page 6. Transparent Downloadmanager 7. Transparent Popupmenu & Dropdownmenu 8. Firefox transparent about:firefox 1.0 [FAT addon] 9. Custom Colors! 10. Logo - Menubutton You may need to resize or restart Firefox, to enable this Feature 11. Semitransparent Downloadpanel (Ff 20+) Screenshots now available, please use this link >CLICK HERE

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Green Vintage Facebook

A retro art deco style for Facebook in eggshell green. Removes all ads and includes login page. If there are any bugs or parts I've missed, let me know. NOTE: If you want the fancy font shown in the screenshots on your timeline and login, follow these instructions: 1. Download Amhara reduced font here 2.Unzip and install the font file in C:\Windows\Fonts 3.Click edit Vintage Facebook, scroll down to the bottom where it says OPTIONAL FONT and delete the */ before and after the code. Thanks hideheader for helping with the favicon :) IMPORTANT: Check the size of the email/password fields and login button on your facebook login page and select the size below before installing as this affects the look of the login page. Examples: small large

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