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Firefox: Minimal Elegance Theme, transparency

My new theme called Minimal Elegance for new Firefox. It's a transparent theme for firefox with minimalistic style. You can see it on screenshot. !!!!IMPORTANT!!! For effect us is in screenshot you need Stratiform addon. Stratiform - !!!!IMPORTANT!!! and if you want bookmarks buttons on right of screenshot download: Google shortcuts - Enjoy this theme ;)

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Firefox 10+: transparent tabs, toolbars, addonbar

___________________________________ Makes tabs and toolbars transparent with enabled option 'tabs on top' in Firefox. Also allows to make transparent add-on bar and find bar at browser's bottom. Nothing more! ___________________________________ Стиль делает прозрачными вкладки и панели инструментов в Firefox, даже если вкладки расположены в верхней части обозревателя. Так же делает прозрачными панель расширений и строку поиска в нижней части обозревателя. ___________________________________

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Iron Man Google

Iron Man Theme For Google

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about:home - LavaFox & BlackFox - Orion's Belt

about:home styled for LavaFox & BlackFox Firefox Themes with Orion's Belt image (with matching colors to the theme's color)

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Firefox 5 about:home Dark

Restyles the Firefox about:home page. Tested in Firefox 5 in Windows 7. 08.04.11 - updated screenshot, description and title. Reported working in Aurora/Nightly(thanks rob64rock ) 02.02.11 - New page new style

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New Tab Page - After Dark... - Fx 12+

For the latest Firefox 12+ builds and newer. This restyles the new "New Tab Page"("about:newtab") that landed on Fx 12+ builds to give it more of a Dark Look... Tested on the latest Firefox 12+ builds and newer. ***!Important*** On latest Fx 12 builds the new "New Tab Page" is disabled by default. So, If you don't see it, Type about:config in Urlbar and do filter search for preference "browser.newtab.url" set it to "about:newtab" and also change preference "browser.newtabpage.enabled" set it to "true".( A Browser Restart may be Required) Idea and Modified CSS code from: mikedl Note: If you like this style, you may also like style: Panorama/Tab Groups View - After Dark... - Fx 4+

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Firefox Aero Transparent v1.8.2[FAT]

I'll update the screenshots soon. [FAT] Firefox Aero Transparent. [Write to if you got questions] v 1.8.2 uses the Downloadbar/button from Firefox 20+, if you don't have Ff20+, disable the DLbar option, other than that it works since Ff13 You need to have the Windows-Aero function enabled. This Mod supports: 1. Transparent Searchbars 2. Transparent Tabbar 3. Transparent Urlbars 4. Transparent Addonbar 5. Transparent About:Blank Page 6. Transparent Downloadmanager 7. Transparent Popupmenu & Dropdownmenu 8. Firefox transparent about:firefox 1.0 [FAT addon] 9. Custom Colors! 10. Logo - Menubutton You may need to resize or restart Firefox, to enable this Feature 11. Semitransparent Downloadpanel (Ff 20+) Screenshots now available, please use this link >CLICK HERE

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