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A massively customisable dark / black / white / gray interface for Contains font options, icon hiding, useful pop out chat functionality etc.

Please note that due to this style having settings it will not in fact automatically update. Check back in if Twitch breaks or if it's been a while since you updated.

To use this style, install Firefox and Stylish. If you already have Stylish, make sure this site is allowed to run JavaScript.

(Though installing Stylish is recommended, if your browser supports user scripts, you can also install this style as a user script.) - Dark / Black / Customisable Theme
Author SirFist
License CC BY-SA
Created Nov 21, 2012
Updated Apr 5, 2014
Installs (this week) 1,284
Installs (total) 81,066
Average rating Good
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Please note that due to this style having settings it will not in fact automatically update. Check back in if Twitch breaks or if it's been a while since you updated. Userstyles should remember your settings for when you update.

Change Log (ddmmyyyy)
21/04/2014 @ 22:37 - Fixed white bar on left side of chat pane.
17/04/2014 @ 23:17 - Hide large/small options tweaked.
11/04/2014 @ 18:27 - Fixed the hide chat room option to disable the invite notification too.
09/04/2014 @ 11:22 - Added the new chat room stuff, restored it appearing by default.
05/04/2014 @ 11:54 - Option to make the new pop out chat less retarded looking. Chat popped out overlay styled in black themes. Now hides obnoxious sub emote whoring icon by default (if you want this back you're awful and can do it manually).
05/04/2014 @ 11:14 - Fixed hiding bookmark / share buttons. Might be a bit too aggressive now? Report if it kills your family or something, I guess.
04/04/2014 @ 11:56 - Fixed chat alignment.
03/04/2014 @ 20:45 - Fixed some buttons and added support for the weird new chat shit added (By support I mean it's hidden by default because I can't access any of it as I'm neither a partner nor a turbofag).

Older Changes

If you need or want to contact me to report problems or for any other reason you can do so on the SpeedRunsLive IRC (as sirfist), on Twitch or via Twitter.

The code being a complete mess is not actually a problem and is in fact a feature.

Faces problem info
For Twitch face fixes go here here. This fix is no longer updated, read the style's description for a guide on fixing them yourself, it's probably not worth the effort due to the frequency of twitch's changes. A greasemonkey script or similar would be needed to properly fix faces.

Options Rundown
Master Style
Overall theme for twitch. Makes it black, gray etc. as selected.

Pop Out Chat Style
Overrides the above for just the chat pop out. Useful for adding chat to stream etc. Small controls makes it so the bigger controls with lots of wasted space around them are made as small as possible instead.

Colour Fixes
Colour fixes forces certain colours in chat to be replaced outright. There is also a 'Force **** Colour' option that will let you manually select what colour is being used to replace the various text colours. Turbo colour changes are further down the options.

Twitch Faces
Some basic twitch face options. Simply removes or replaces all faces with FrankerZ.

Broadcast Title
Adjusts the text information above the stream. Options are default behaviour or to have it hidden at the top the video player itself at the top and to only appear on hovering.

Font Options, Left Sidebar, Button Options, Old Moderator Icon, Icon sets
Should be obvious. Hiding mod icons is built into twitch if you have mod no so those options are gone.

Disable Turbo Colours
This option forces all 'turbo' colours to be white/black/custom colour in place of whatever a turbo subscriber has set it to. This prevents obnoxious colours appearing or invisible text.

Icon Colours
Should be obvious.

Chat Room Selector
Customises the chat room selection options that now appear at the top of a twitch stream's chat. Options are pretty obvious - Off / On / No visual cues for invites.

Please note that due to this style having settings it will not in fact automatically update. Check back in if Twitch breaks or if it's been a while since you updated.

BetterTTV support is minimal as the author has not provided an option to disable his own CSS changes. Hassle him for that if you want flawless support, I will not be doing so as I do not actually use the extension myself.

For font choice see CSS Font Stack for a better idea of what you want to use. Please note that although Helvetica is the default font on Twitch, Windows does not in fact ship with it and thus on the majority of Windows based PCs will revert to Arial.

The Twitch default turbo icon colour is "#6441A5"

The divided chat styles divide the chat by adding a different background colour to every other line of text in chat (dark/light/dark/light/etc.).

Hiding the left sidebar hides the sidebar based on preference but only within actual stream pages.

Chat size simply resizes the chat a set percent up to 125% of original size.

Known Bugs
Some font settings will result in wasted space after usernames if the user types an overly long word or has an exceptionally long username.

There's almost certainly issues involved with any partner only functions, I can't fix these as I do not have a twitch partnership and don't have access to any pages associated with these functions.

[ ** ] Highlight the top of the stream to see the description.
[ *** ] Turbo colours are not included in lightening due to how many potential colour values there are. Use this option in conjunction with block turbo colours if you are having issues with unreadable names.

Should you feel so inclined feel, free to follow my Twitch here.



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