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By a3cAnton, Lights off in facebook .. Kill a lot of ads , social plugin excluded.Runs in Firefox 16, Chrome 25 & Opera12 (and above)
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Author a3cAnton
License © a3cAnton.
Created May 9, 2012
Updated Mar 28, 2014
Installs (this week) 7,653
Installs (total) 1,566,579
Average rating Good
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Basic update info, more details, questions, answers and more in my facebook page :

09-05-2012 First release.
08-06-2012 Fixed some elements.
15-06-2012 Fixed some dialogs.
06-07-2012 Arranged social-plugin appearance ,I believe :)
08-07-2012 Some new fixes. Thanks "grom" you're very helpful.
09-07-2012 New update again.
20-07-2012 Fixes appeaarance in events page & calendar.
26-07-2012 Fixes appearance in appcenter. ( new major update soon.. )
07-08-2012 Minor fixes in appcenter & bubble boxes.
09-08-2012 New fixes in bubble boxes.
23-08-2012 Minor fixes .
31-08-2012 New fixes.
27-09-2012 Repair new appearance in some els.
11-10-2012 Fixed Login page.
16-10-2012 Various fixes , developer page support.
26-10-2012 A lot of fixes in messages page & other little changes & fixes.
31-10-2012 Fixes again ..
26-11-2012 New fixes ..
29-11-2012 Fixed layout in friends/requests
05-12-2012 Fixed Chat notifications.
09-12-2012 Fixed login screen new layout.
11-12-2012 message & photos els.
18-12-2012 Fixed new layout in login page.
19-12-2012 Fixed login page again ..
02-01-2013 Fixed blank zones in timeline , fixed apps & games dimensions.
09-01-2013 Opera support, new changes in timeline , changes in chat buttons.
12-01-2013 Fixed tooltips ,menus & headers in stats & admin pages.
Fixed apearance when share in youTube.
13-01-2013 Fixed new layout in messages..
Minor fixes in notes & admin messages.
16-01-2012 Minor update some changes in page_insights.
25-01-2013 Minor fixes.
08-02-2013 Fixes blank zones & buttons when accessed with cookies in random?? test mode. Other minor fixes.-2012
12-02-2013 Fixed textareas in mail & facebook-mail.
21-03-2013 Fixed blank zone in messages..
09-04-2013 Little fixes in admin. page & fbChat buttons.
22-04-2013 New profile layout fixes.
26-04-2013 More fixes (background color in update status)
10-05-2013 Fixes blank zones in new layout.
15-05-2013 Fixes in more blank zones, more little fixes.
22-05-2013 Fixes share-popup buttons, blank areas and some borders.
06-06-2013 Fixes blank areas in "-cx-PRIVATE" mode.
07-06-2013 Fixed more blank areas in "-cx-PRIVATE" mode, little changes in profile/friends.
20-06-2013 Fixed login page background in "-cx-PRIVATE" mode, minor fixes in admin pages.
26-06-2013 Fixed blank areas in login page & messages.
Fixed ticker ( I think ).

08-07-2013 Fixed clear areas in timeline, new photo tagger.
11-07-2013 Fixed clear areas in notes and more fixes.
12-07-2013 Fixed some buttons ( chat, sidebar & more ), emoticons & stikers container now are dark, messages page plain dark, more fixes.
29-08-2013 Fixed crap when "graph search enabled" ( thanks @pfeiffer stylez for the suggestion ), fixed new "insights page", fixed some close buttons.
30-08-2013 Fixed blank areas ( thanks @Snowhead ), fixed blank areas in admin page, help page & developers page, removed gradient in username,more little fixes.
31-08-2013 Fixed visibility in chat-stickers & emoticons.
26-09-2013 New code ( gradient & transition syntax ), fixed headers, footers, text-boxes in insights, new progressbars & indicators, fixed some tooltips and more.
18-10-2013 Fixed little arrow-tooltips background, fixed new changes in page insights ( bars, graphics bakgrounds.. header lis )
15-11-2013 Little fixes in insight & friends search.
20-11-2013 fixed clear zone in center column.
21-11-2013 fixed chat bubbles, little fixes.
22-11-2013 chat bubbles re-tweaked, now in 3D.
26-11-2013 Minor fix, Relationship -notification on the users wall is using dim colors.
28-11-2013 Fixed plugin in other pages.
04-12-2013 Fixed chat bubbles again.
05-12-2013 Darker bubbles font.
22-12-2013 Fixed & tweaked clear zones in photos search ( graph search enabled ), new comments look, chat bubbles in two colors and more..
13-01-2014 Fixed chat timestamps.
11-02-2014 Fixed apps section, fixed source icons in messages, fixed clear pink area in loading notifications, fixed info boxes in edit posts and more I don't remember..
20-02-2014 Readed messages and unreaded messages in different colors, fixed message icons, more contrast in chat bubbles text ( more readable ), fixed background color in apps, fixed position in some image arrows and menues.
21-02-2014.Fixed white profile background in Chrome browser.
07-03-2014 Minor update, fixed recent changes in interface (location icon), clear zones in stats page, issue in edit Avatar button..
11-03-2014 Emergency update, fixed clear areas in center column, still have a lot of work with the recent changes, b patient plz.
28-03-2014 New fixes in new layout.



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