- uTube Black 2K14

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Black and red youtube with hover effects & transitions.
Firefox, Chrome & now Opera compatible.
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uTube Black 2K14
Author a3cAnton
License © a3cAnton.
Created Mar 23, 2012
Updated Mar 10, 2014
Installs (this week) 1,130
Installs (total) 176,453
Average rating Good
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I have to acknowledge the assistance and support of these people, without whom this style and many others would not be the same and would not be updated with the same frequency.
Here goes .. Thanks to:
Ghis Nineteensixtyfour, Szántai Ádám, Freecyber and to all those who support me in facebook.

23-03-2012 First release.
12-04-2012 Last update , fixed new appearance in top bar.
19-10-2012 Fixed new YouTube code.
26-11-2012 Fixed playlist appearance . Thanks @grom !!
26-11-2012 Fixed new layout.
11-12-2012 Fixed new layout , again ..
12-12-2012 Fixed ad in homepage.
20-12-2012 Several fixes.
16-12-2013 New update , new layout fixed, more readable.
23-01-2013 Fixed share-panels, page-buttons rounded, kill more ads, minor tweaks & fixes.
25-01-2013 Fixed new layout.
Fixed admin pages & overlays,
video upload page,
checkboxes more readable,
added transition in feed video items.
13-02-2013 Fixes in analithics & checkboxes, minor changes.
16-02-2013 Big update..
new checkoxes,
new radio,
new head-controls,
fixed arrow buttons,
new editor,
new alerts..
17-02-2013 Fixed playlist edditor & added box shadow in playlist items.
28-02-2013 Fixed all comments page, added transition in list items hovered.
05-03-2013 Fixed new layout in Analytics again..
10-03-2013 Fixed black text in search box ( Chrome ).
13-04-2013 Fixed messages inbox layout ( thanks Infexous ).
27-04-2013 Minor fixes and lighter code.
08-07-2013 Fixed blank areas & new hover effect on list items.
12-07-2013 Fixes & new transitions in admin chanel pages.
19-07-2013 Fixed blank areas in admin comments, fixed badges, fixed buttons menu.
23-07-2013 Fixed channel search box text color in Chrome/Opera 15+.
04-10-2013 More compatible, lighter code, fixed some elements depending of google+.
07-10-2013 More fixes, optimized code.
09-10-2013 Google change uTube code again.. so..
Thx to "Ghis Nineteensixtyfour" for the ultra-fast report & fix !!
01-11-2013 Fixed new layout.
09-11-2013-Fixed comments section, new hover effect on list-items.
28-11-2013 Thanks to "Nokiarena" for his fix in admin pages, little fixes.
29-11-2013 Fixed comments when user is not logged in.
28-12-2013 Fixed comments reply background & moderation bullshit, thanks & credits to "Szántai Ádám".
26-01-2014 Fixed new layout.New HTML5 player progress bar & controls.
01-02-2014 Fixed video issue in chrome ( many, many thaks to @freecyber ), little fixes in the new layout.
20-02-2014 Fixed checkboxes in Chrome, fixed new layout, fixed video thumbs in HTML5 player, fixed HTML5 player options menu.. and more.
Thanks "Ghis Nineteensixtyfour" for the fast contribution ( as always ).
22-02-2014 Fixed more clear zones and enhanced navigation buttons, some little tweaks.
22-02-2014 More fixes..
25-02-2014 fixed like/dislike buttons in yt-comments, fixed delete dialogs in yt-comments, new HTML5 progress bar & scrubber ( only when HTML5 player is available ), centered bell icon (new method).
05-03-2014 Fixed header image in channel pages, fixed floating menu, fixed selected item & hovered in owner's page, new like/dislike buttons state in comments section.
10-03-2014 Fixed upload progressbars, fixed nav in analytics,fixed masthead menus container.



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