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By a3cAnton
Google search, translator, maps, books, videos, play, finance.. With CSS3 transitions & hover effects. (Firefox, Chrome & Opera).
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NightBlue Google 2K14 by a3cAnton
Author a3cAnton
License © a3cAnton.
Created Mar 29, 2011
Updated Mar 19, 2014
Installs (this week) 293
Installs (total) 84,155
Average rating Good
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Created 29-03-2011 by Antonio Ferreiro "a3c"
01-04-2011 Updated code & images.
02-04-2011 Updated code in leftnav.
04-04-2001 Renew interface & some colors, now links with transitions.
22-04-2011 Updated code.
25-04-2011 Updated code.
01-05-2011 Select & Text Boxes.
I must change the preview, now the top bar has a blue gradient...
03-05-2011 Logos and other elements.
27-05-2011 Last update. Text highlighted items.
23-05-2011 Added support for google docs, google shopping & videos, new logos, google translate, hover on search boxes, select boxes & leftnav appearance.
30-06-2011 Last update.
02-07-2011 Last update.
Cause Google changes the layout I need to change the code and the appearance of some ellements , I think it's all fixed.
05-07-2011 More support pages.
18-07-2011 Last update.
21-07-2011 Last update.
05-09-2011 Last update.Fixes new layout again.
13-09-2011 Last update.
13-09-2011 Last update.Fixes appearance buttons in " translate-google".
11-11-2011 Last update.It runs now in google reader too.
16-11-2011 Last update.Google ssl support , fixes some buttons.
19-11-2011 Last update.Improved readibility in some elements.
10-12-2011 Last update.
11-01-2012 Last update.
03-02-2012 Added Chrome support and some fixes.
20-02-2012 Add hidden.
21-02-2012 Search box fixed.
24-02-2012 Updated, totally new code. I change the previews soon.
24-02-2012 Return to old code.
It's a madness!!!.
27-02-2012 Return to new code.
07-03-2012 Last update, fixed url
14-03-2012 Fixed some buttons & links ,new appearance in top-bar.
28-03-2012 Minor fixes in google images.
17-04-2012 Minor fixes.
24-04-2012 Last update.
24-05-2012 Last update, new code with a lot of fixes, removed white frame effect in "instant search".
02-06-2012 Last update, fixed appearance in google image result page.
13-07-2012 Fixed white elements in google images.
17.10-2012 Little fixes.
22.11-2012 Fixed new appearance in Google.
11-12-2012 Fixed clear zones .
13-01-2013 Fixed some tables.
17-01-2013 Fixed translator layout,
Added Opera compatibility.
06-03-2013 Fixed clear background in images.
10-04-2013 Fixed elements in google account admin, new calculator look, fixed white bars depending cookies.
13-04-2013 Multiple fixes in buttons, text boxes, navigation parts..
17-05-2013 Thanks for the fix @makondo !!
20-05-2013 Fixes more blank areas in* , thanks again to @makondo & @Snowhead for the big, big help.
03-10-2013 Emergency update. Fixed clear zones and tooltips with menu (except from google+).
Still working.. Major update very soon.
03-10-2013 Last update. Google maps compatible, fixed icons in buttons ( main & dearch page ), fixed more tooltips.
Still working..
07-10-2013 Fixed tooltips & blank zones in translator, promos & artist songs lists.
08-10-2013 Fixed Searcg by image boxes & menus.
10-10-2013 Fixes in new google code (again), fixed google chrome page.
17-10-2013 Fixed white top bar elements, new update with fixed color of icons soon..
23-10-2013 Fixed icons & clear areas ( again )
28-10-2013 New update.. grrrrr
18-11-2013 Fixed the layout.
11-01-2014 Major update, changed regex ( less intrussive ), added gogle play, google books, google finance, fixed maps an more..
25-01-2014 Big update, google fonts support, fixed new layout. No images, faster charge, only css3.
28-01-2014 Fixed big logo position on high resolution screens.
11-02-2014 Little update.. smaller logo, little fixes.
07-03-2014 Fixed new google changes.
19-03-2014 Fixed elements in, new CSS3 logo with animation, Chrome fixes.
Many thanks and regards again to @freecyber for the big help.



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